Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Random Thoughts

1. I hope fellow blogger 12Kyle doesn't mind me hijacking this....but the fact that people still read this blog makes me smile.

2. The fact that I still write this blog makes me smile too!

3. Young people don't buy CD's anymore...they download music...they hardly buy books, magazines or newspapers anymore..they download it on computers, their phones ,tablets, kindles etc.  Now I hear that they hardly listen to the radio anymore...They stream music live from Pandora or they create their own stations via computer, tablet,et al.  I love technology as much as the next person, but I feel like they're missing a lot with it....

4.Because My Eagles are out of it...The Playoffs hold no excitement for me this year...I'm more excited about the draft!

5.They say we avoided the so called Fiscal Cliff why when I got my check last week and it was short twenty three dollars, I felt like we fell off of it? (My job figured our do nothing congress was going to fail to come to an agreement in time so they deducted 2% from our checks....They assured us that our checks will be modified  and adjusted next week.!)

6. Is Andrew Bynum ever going to play for the Sixers?

7. What happened to the Lakers?

8.Is it too much to hope that there is no Mass Murder this year?

9.When Am I going to have the time to read an actual book again?

10.Will We finally stop talking about the Khardashians this year?


themultifacetsofblujewel said...

Happy New Year my dear. I am happy that you still blog and I do read it although, I sadly, don't always comment; however, I will do better this year. :-)

I rarely listen to the radio, but it's because the so-called music is so awful; however, I do still cherish certain artists and purchase their music when it comes out.

I still buy books; in fact, I buy one at least once a month and have an actaul library at home to prove it. I do get free books from and read them on the kindle app, but there is still nothing like having an actual book in my hand

My 2% increase that showed up last check disappeared this past check and I'm hoping it'll make its return next check.

Please stop by and read me sometime :-)

laughing808 said...

Yeah, interesting to find that downloading music has become the new norm. I still purchase cds.

I have given into downloading books to my kindle. But I keeps my library membership alive and active, some books I dont want to spend the money on.

Alieux (Daij) said...

I still read your blog!

I share your pain about the Eagles-only my team is the Packers.


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