Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekend Humor

A man who lived in a block of apartments thought it was raining and put his head out the window to check. As he did so, a glass eye fell into his hand. He looked up to see where it came from just in time to notice a young woman looking down.

"Is this yours?" he asked.
She said, "Yes, could you bring it up?" and the man agreed.
On his arrival she was profuse in her thanks and offered the man a drink. Because she was very attractive, he agreed.

Shortly afterward she said, "I'm about to have dinner--there's plenty. Would you like to join me?"
He readily accepted her offer and both enjoyed a lovely meal.
As the evening was drawing to a close the lady said, "I've had a marvelous evening. Would you like to stay the night?"

The man hesitated then said, "Do you act like this with every man you meet?"
"No," she replied. "Only those who catch my eye."

I know...I know...That was pretty lame.....Have A Great Weekend Everyone...

 In Loving Memory of My Aunt, Jeanne E. Faust (1927-2000)

who encouraged my silliness by giving me a huge book of corny jokes one Christmas....(I still have it...One of my favorite gifts from a most beloved auntie!)

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George S. said...

That joke was pretty Lame it was actually funny!


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