Wednesday, November 13, 2013

All God's Chillin Should Have Health Care

I've recently had a serious surgical operation to repair my left rotator cuff...While they say the operation was a sucess..I am wracked with pain on a constant basis and have to run back and forth to the doctor, therapy sessions after work et al...

I got to thinking...What would I do if I didn't have health care?   I have an employer which provides a pretty decent plan...but what about people who are not as fortunate...
I can't imagine how I would have gotten along with this type of injury without some type of medical relief...

I say that to say that one, I'm glad I have health care...and two..I am pretty much satisfied with the current plan I have...I have been hearing that last week ,some people who had health care received cancellation notices....I can imagine in my current state that would be devestating...

I took more than a mild interest in what former President Bill Clinton said in an interview yesterday...

"President Barack Obama should consider changes to his health care law to honor his pledge to allow consumers to keep their health care plans if they so desire." the former president said.

Former President Clinton went on to say-that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has been, on balance, a good thing. "The big lesson is that we're better off with this law than without it," Clinton said. But he also lent some credence to GOP attacks on the law.

"I personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got,"

The former president was referencing the pledge President Obama made repeatedly during his sales job of the health care law that if individuals liked their current health care plan, they could keep it. In an interview with NBC News last week the president apologized for cancellations many individual policy holders are receiving and said his administration is looking at ways to change that part of the law.

"The president has tasked his team with looking at a range of options, as he said, to make sure that nobody is put in a position where their plans have been canceled and they can't afford a better plan, even though they'd like to have a better plan," White House press secretary Jay Carney said in response to Clinton. Carney also noted Clinton's praise for the underlying law.

Republicans have seized upon instances in which consumers have had their health plans canceled since the opening of the new insurance exchanges on Oct. 1, which effectively forces those consumers into new plans, either with their current insurers or the government exchanges. Those impacted are Americans who purchase their own insurance, accounting for about five percent of Americans. Those who receive their insurance through their employers are not impacted by that part of the law. Of course Fox News and the Republicans failed to mention that!  Of course!

"These comments signify a growing recognition that Americans were misled when they were promised that they could keep their coverage under President Obama's health care law," House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said in a statement.

 "That's why all Democrats concerned about the president's broken promise should join Republicans in voting to pass the Keep Your Health Plan Act when it comes before the House later this week. President Clinton understood that governing in a divided Washington requires a focus on common ground, and I hope President Obama will follow the former president's lead."he said.

Ohhhh shut up John Boehner....This just shows that the Republicans will jump on any thing, any half truth to try and discredit the affordable care act which gives health insurance to people who previously did not have it....Boehner and all of those knuckleheads that almost shut the government down have great health care....The best plan (tax payers)money can buy...It appalls me that they are fighting with the president to keep the average citizen from even having the most minimal plan... Imagine how
smooth this would all be running if everybody was on the board with this...

Was it mentioned that  the price tag for consumers forced to buy new plans has varied. For consumers eligible for subsidies under the law, the total cost of the new insurance plan might actually be lower, and they get broader coverage.

For some consumers, though, the cost to them will be higher.

This Friday, the House is set to vote to approve legislation that would allow consumers to keep their health care plans if they so wished, even though those plans are regarded as substandard under current law.

I'm sure the opponents of the affordable health care plan will have something to say about that too.


Arlene said...

And shut up Bill Clinton too!! You and I have long political memories and know the "real" Bill. Remember his interpretation of the word "is" and his conversation with Ted Kennedy about who should be serving iced tea! We know deep down Still Bill is still a cracker. Arkansas doesn't wear off no matter what law school you attended or your relocation to New York. Right now Bill is trying to get Hilliary the democrats nomination. He'll ride the "white water" until she gets it.

I love your writing!! Stand strong cousin. Trouble, like pain, doesn't last.

Rueben Savage said...

Reuben Savage

Watching C-span, the president is going to really have to do something to re- assure U.S. citizens on this New Health Care Reform Act of his or as some Democrats has suggested come up with a new plan. Former President Bill Clinton (One of his biggest supporters) has a negative response towards the Affordable Health Care Act. (Some are saying because his wife plans on running for the Presidency in 2016.) It seems as though the President might have thrown his own self under the bus when he told folk that they would not have to switch their plan if they choose not go with the plan he has mandated. Still finding out more about this . Has anyone been able to successfully log on to the AHCA site and test out what they are offering?? If so, would love your input.

Sadiqq said...

Think back to how many President attempted to get a health care act and failed I was not a fan of this president but no other president in 20 years has gottin pass building the framework for healthcare sometimes when you build a house even a new roof may leak then you fix the roof the problem with thos president is that there are people in this country with a grandiose since of racial entitlement and this black president was suppose to get us through having a first black president quietly but to some he has overstepped his bounds and there goal is to sabotage the healthcare plan .


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