Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Normally Wouldn't Comment on This Kind of Thing But....

I normally wouldn't comment on this type of thing, but....I am just surprised that the winner of this lotto wasn't some old white guy in Kansas who was already rich, Like it usually is....Even if George the Cable Guy had won, I would have felt better...

So..from what I understand ,It’s been eight months since Pedro Quezada (pictured above, right) got lucky by winning the fourth-largest lottery pot in history at a whopping $338 million. Now Quezada is being sued by his former 10-year live-in girlfriend, Inez Sanchez (pictured on the left), for reportedly not sharing his wealth because, in his eyes, they were never legally married.

Now when Pedro Quezada collected his winnings, he actually told reporters at a press conference last March that he would buy Ms.Sanchez “whatever she wants.” He said then...They were still together.

But now ,There is always a  but now in these stories...The script has been flipped: According to Quezada’s attorneys, his live-in love of 10 years and the Mother of at least one of his children is not deserving of a red cent because she is not his wife.

My grandmother used to say when poverty slips in the window...Love walks out the door.. In this case..Money is in his pockets and his girlfriend is out he door..

Ms.Sanchez’s attorneys totally disagree with Quezada’s alleged penny-pinching ways and argue that he and their client purchased the winning ticket with their earnings as a couple.

In 2006. the then-couple opened up a bodega in Passaic, New Jersey, which was run by Quezada’s son. After the feds took their huge chunk out of Quezada’s winnings, he was left with a whopping $152 million. Last Friday, during a court proceeding, a judge decided not to throw out the Sanchez lawsuit but she did decided not to freeze his monies as was requested by the complainant’s legal team.

Instead, the Superior Court Chancery Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh acknowledged the relationship between Sanchez and Quezada and their shared contributions to their former household. Legally, however, the judge could not freeze Quezada’s assets.

“That’s what money does to people: It changes positive relationships into bad ones,” McVeigh stated. “It doesn’t always enhance a relationship, or bring out people’s better qualities. Her [Sanchez’s] life has been up-ended by this winning ticket…But I am a judge. I don’t create the law. I have to follow it.”

 Either way, Quezada’s attorneys contend that a major portion of his winnings are gone: $57 million was sent to Quezada’s homeland of the Dominican Republic, $5 million was given away, $300,000 was used to purchase a Clifton, N.J., home, and $20 million has reportedly just poofed into air. How can $20 million just disappear?

Answer- It didn't....But he'll be damned if she's going to have any of it!

What was that my grandmother said about when Poverty slips in the window...Love walks out the door?

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