Monday, November 18, 2013

More Monday Randomness

I'm not going to roll this out every Monday, but it's another Monday and I don't have a really big topic, just some general thoughts...

1.Taking a page out of the Tea Party playbook. The House voted for the Upton Bill which should dismantle so called Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act.  Fortunately ,I know and we all know that this Bill is dead on arrival when it hits the Senate. But so far 33 or 34 Democrats voted for it. Surprisingly only 3 Republicans voted against it.

HOWEVER... I need to find out which Democrats voted for it and list them. They need to be ousted from congress.

The Republicans and their bastard children, The Tea Party may all be a pack of liars and crooks but they remain united in being a pack of  liars and crooks. Its time the weak links in the Democratic Party not be given an opportunity to basically turn their backs on the folks who put them in office.

I'm going to find out who these turncoat Democrats are and talk about they mamas!

2.These mainstream media types never ceases to amaze me  on how they report news in order to get ratings instead of reporting  full and objective truth. They harp on this Healthcare website without stating how it has absolutely nothing to do  with the law. I recall that when Apple first rolled out the iPhone 4,with all of its errors, People complained mightily. I wonder how many of people who shelled out that $500.00 returned theirs and went back to using a Blackberry? Go ahead tell me.....I'll wait..........


Yeah..That's what I thought!

3.Then CNN and Fox are reporting that  President Obama now has a 39% approval rating...but say little to nothing about how the Congress in that same poll  has a 9%,approval rating. NINE PERCENT!!!! That's the lowest of all time isn't it?

 Congress is the tool any President needs to have a successful administration. And you expect President  Obama to work with THIS bunch of nuts? I know not one mainstream media "journalist" who has had a Congressional Republican on their program ask that name the legislation they would replace so called Obamacare with. Not one. They give John  Boehner a pass each time he states that Obamacare needs to be repealed and  they never ask him to give the Republican alternative. Know why??  Because there is none, that's why...and that's what I've been saying for two years now!~

4.Food for thought... Dont you find it strange that at President Obamas lowest point,,Republican approval is still at a record low and hasn't increased ONE POINT since the shutdown?

This all ends when these clowns are voted out of Congress.

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