Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Did You Vote?

My wife and I voted yesterday.....Except for District Attorney Seth Williams...I didn't know any of those people on the ballet, Republican or Democrat....They were mostly Judges......So I did something I have never done before...I had to ask somebody at the polls to tell me who these folks were...These people could have told me anything ,because after all..I didn't know who these judges were...Next time I will know...But...At least I voted...Did You?

I've often told the story about how a judge cut me some slack years ago...In a civil case in which I stood to lose a small amount of money....He saw that I had inferior representation and  he tossed my case out..Turns out it was a judge I had voted for in a prior election...

Every election and every vote counts...I can't say that enough...I hope everyone reading this voted.


Arlene said...

Of course we voted! All of your readers are dynamicly engaged in the civic arena. We put our vote where our mouths are. We let you do the talking and we do the walking to the polls.

I am surprised that you didn't recognize the judges up for retention. I hope you voted NO for the entire bunch. That includes that Ron Castille and Jackie Frazier!! And NO to the ballot questions about borrowing.

Cmon now Keith, we count on you for informed discourse as well as entertainment. Is it that shoulder and that oxy? My next door neighbor and a member from choir just had the same surgery. Count it all joy!! They described a higher level of "discomfort" than you expressed. Stay strong!!!

Alieux (Daij) said...

Not only do I vote in every election, I encourage every on I know vote. Especially if they vote democratic!

Christian Pearson said...

Exactly. And really good call there. One shouldn't go to the ballots uninformed; they shouldn't stop themselves because of that, either. Democracy, after all, is trial and error; a constant process of learning.

Christian @ League of Woman Voters


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