Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday Night Is For Lovers

Traditionally, in my world, Saturday night was reserved for your significant other... provided you had one. Friday night, you went out with your boys and hit a few clubs or bars (when I was into that-lolol). She went out with her girlfriends and did the same... just not where you and your friends might be hanging... and that was that. Saturday, however, was time for a woman to be with her man and a man to be with his woman. It meant dinner, a movie, and then some quiet time at home. These are my top ten songs to put one in the mood for amour. Feel free to give me your favorite songs for that special night with your significant other (I'm talking about in the present... not back in the day).

1o. "Oh Girl" By Raphael Saddiq
You gotta hear this... for those of you old enough to remember, it sounds like something the Delfonics would have done. Warning: The remix features Jay -Z. I like jigga and all but, there was absolutely no need for him to be on this track... it was some record company stunt.

9. "I'm in Love With Another Man" By Jazmine Sullivan
A torch song that should make Natalie Cole sit up and clap... that's who I thought of when I first heard it. This young girl straight up sang this song. Do you hear me?

8. "Sorry" by Joe
The melody alone is haunting.

7. "Year of the Gentleman" by Ne-Yo
The entire CD is good.

6. "Something Different" by Robin Thicke

5. "You Pulled Me Through" by Jennifer Hudson
Play this low... you know how powerful this girl's vocals are.

4. "Chocolate Legs" by Eric Benet
The title alone hooked me.

3. "I'm His Only Woman" By Jennifer Hudson & Fantasia
This type of song has a real old school flavor. I get a kick out of the kids imitating old school...but, I gotta admit... these two did a good job. I ain't mad at either one of them.

2. "After My Time" by Noel Gourdine
They've been playing "The River" every twenty minutes but, the rest of this guy's CD bares honorable mention too. (John Legend, I'm waiting for your new CD to drop).

And in the top spot... still good as it ever was... the absolute must have CD for a late Saturday night cool out with that special person... drum roll please...

1. "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye
After 35 years, it's still as good as it ever was.

(Oh... Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Gerald Levert, and Luther Vandross, though recently deceased, are all must haves that should never be taken off of your playlists... never ever. If you're really a playa or playette, you've got Boyz II Men, Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, Babyface, New Edition, and Jodeci on that playlist too, along with some baby oil and some hot sauce too. Okay, the baby oil and the hot sauce is my thing. Don't ask!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks. I'm writing the next two installments of my murder mystery for "Escapades". When I'm done, I intend to relax and enjoy as much of this music as I can get through... if you know what I mean and I know you do (wink, wink).


Pajnstl said...

your the first person i've heard say they like J. Hudson. I need to go get Jasmine sullivan's cd :) and Marvin had beendead looong before i was born, but i love his music. :) hope your having a good weekend

Diane said...

Nice playlist!

Somebodies Friend said...

Now I'm really fired up for the conclusion to the murder mystery. The suspence is killing me.

I so know what you mean, I am feeling every song on this play list, they are so intense, I think by tomorrow or the next day I'm going to really be feelin' the love.

Love your post, keep it up bro!

Raven said...

I like a lot of older music...stuff my mom would lisen to while she was cleaning the house. My hubby and I had our first dance as man and wife to Teddy and I walked down the aisle to I guess I don't give new stuff a chance. Perhaps I will check out some of the artist you listed.

12kyle said...

Excellent playlist!

You can never go wrong with Marvin. He was deep. We miss him and mrs12 went to see Fireproof yesterday. Awesome movie!!! I loved it. Thanks for the recommendation, fam.

Moanerplicity said...

Just reading this list has RE-hipped the (formerly) hip musicologist in my soul. I'm glad that I've least HEARD of most the artists, if not their songs. I'm about to scope out most of these out. I'm a fan of Jazmine's too.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

how about

van hunt - seconds of pleasure

Goapele - first love

Al Green - Lets stay together

Sylvia - Pillow talk

Keith said...

@ Torrance- I knew I forgot some people...I love Van Hunt...and yes
Al Green and Sylvia are classics...
Thanks for the info..."Pillow talk " and almost anything from Mr.
Al Green is a must for the utimate chill out session.

Toni said...

Hey Keith, You didn't mention Prince- "adore"..

Angie B. said...

Grover Washington Jr. does it for me, but that's just me..lolol...Great Playlist though..
I have most of this on my ipod.

The Dreamy One said...

okay where is the old school music???

i like:

sexual healing- marvin gaye

in the mood-whispers

ill make love to you-boys ii men

rock witcha ya-bobby brown

lay your head on my pillow-tony toni tone

so fine-mint condition

dont say goodnight-isley brother

i can go on and on,lol

but ill stop

Don said...

Pretty good list.

I can't remember any one specific song that I have to hear, but I can give you a song that brings back good memories whenever I hear it - Walked Outta Heaven by Jagged Edge.

My lady friend is into Jazmine Sullivan and Ledisi, but I'm more old school.

Keith said...

@Dreamy, you aint never lied....
@Don- "Walked outta Heaven was my joint...I can't say I played the grooves off of it..cause it was a CD, but I played it a lot..

Thanks everyone for remembering the jams I forgot.

Strongblkwmn said...

I'm liking Cheating by Dwele because it's about a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.

Any one of Prince's slow songs will do the job. I love Scandalous and Adore.

Reign said...

thank you for that list, i don't have any of those albums or songs, but your captions make me want to invest in my music library.


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