Friday, October 31, 2008

Your Voting Experience

I've been reading several people's blog posts this week and they have been talking about voting early. I've also been hearing about early voting on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, The Michael Baisden Show, and Monique's radio show. I would love to be able to vote early and have it out of the way but, I'm afraid that we don't have early voting here where I live so, I have to vote on Tuesday, November 4th.

I live within walking distance of where I will be voting and I'm sure that like any other election day, I will be at the door when they open at 7:00am. I'm well known at my polling place because I vote in every election, whether it is monumental like this one or a simple one in the middle of the year for a judge or a city council member... that's just me. I'm around there with my steaming cup of Dunkin Donots Coffee and I'm voting.

I was commenting on the F%$k It List's blog earlier today and I told her that, since I anticipate long lines on Tuesday, I might take the day off and bring some fried chicken in a paper bag, a water bottle full of "Red Kool-Aid", and a mixed CD loaded with my favorite Public Enemy songs (to get me in the mood) so that I can relax while I wait to vote. (I know... that sounds so ghetto, doesn't it?) I was kidding of course but, why not make your voting experience as pleasant as it can be?

In all seriousness though, this is going to be a monumental day... a historic day. I do plan to wear some comfortable shoes and while I won't have fried chicken, a Public Enemy mixed cd, and such, I may just have that water bottle filled with "Red Kool-Aid" so I can sip while I wait in line for my turn to vote. I'm bringing a notepad too... who knows, I might see "Joe the Plumber" and get his autograph-lol!

Have a great weekend everybody!

And, don't forget to set your clocks back
on Sunday, November 2nd @ 2:00am!


Anonymous said...

I'm still thinking about early voting. I have until Monday to think about it. LOL

You have a good weekend too.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I'm all done!! Mailed it off the other day. I should have taken a picture of the ballot!


Raven said...

I'm voting today!!! YAY!

Shanita Waters said...

That’s the right attitude! I think we should all head to the polls anticipating long lines and keep in mind that the more people that get out and vote – the better especially if they are voting democratic. Lol.

Arlene said...

Keith, Thank goodness for early voting. If PA wasn't so cheap and so afraid of people of color voting we'd have early voting too. Bryan and Vette have already voted in NC and Brandon said he waited in line for 3 hours to vote in Hotlanta. From both states our family members report that voter turnout is strong and that the numbers of young people voting is high (contrary to reports on CNN.) Brandon says that now in Atlanta the wait can be 8 hours in line. I'm making treats for our poll workers (especially our Aunt Bill)and I'll wait as long as it takes to cast by ballot!! I know your readers will vote. I hope they take a registered friend along to vote as well. See you at the party for OBAMA on 11-5.

Sunflower said...

See you at the polls Keith!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

I'm from the ATL...I voted already.
Good luck brother..That Kool Aid is a good idea..I'd have spiked mine though.-lolol.

James Perkins said...

I'm working the polls in my area,so I'm going to vote as early as possible.

Angie B. said...

Like you, I plan to be out early don't have no cliffhanger
in "Escapades"...cause I'm just gonna have to wait until after I vote to read it and

Simon Bastion said...

I'm not an American citizen yet so I can't vote, but I hope you and your friends and readers realize what an extrodianry moment in history this truly is.

Toni said...

@lmao @Angie B.

We'll both be up early to vote on Tuesday Keith...Good post.

Mizrepresent said...

I voted last Friday in GA, on the coldest, rainy day ever...stood in line for 2 1/2 hours...but it was worth the wait!

Have a great weekend Keith!

Strongblkwmn said...

We don't have early voting in New York either. I'm going to try and vote before I go to work, but if I can't i'll be on line and loving it. Call me crazy, but i'm looking forward to seeing lines of people waiting to cast one of the most important votes of our time.


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