Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who's A Terrorist?

You know, since Sarah Palin is being attacked on so many other people's blogs, I had told myself that I wasn't going to make a career out of attacking her but, this is too good to be true. Before I go any further, let me say that the utter hypocrisy of these people on the far right just never ceases to amaze me.

I wouldn't normally pick on this woman except that she's been going to these rallies calling Barack Obama a "man who pals around with a terrorist"... that terrorist being 60 year old aging hippie and former member of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers. She has been yelling to crowds, "Who is Barack Obama, really?", as if to insinuate that he is not one of "us". Then, there's the goofy policeman who was at the rally and kept saying, "Barack HUSSEIN Obama" as if to bring up images in the minds of the purely stupid of an Arab terrorist. I even heard one woman say, "I don't think he is Black... I think he's an Arab."

Well today, CNN released a tape of Sarah Palin addressing the Alaskan Independence Party at their convention. This is an organization that advocates the secession of the state of Alaska from the United States of America. Her husband is rumored to have been a member of this organization at one time and during her address, she wished them well in their endeavors. She and John McCain are always yelling, "Country First!" Yeah? Well what's up with this? Why does no one have a problem with this kind of extremism?

These are the same people who gave Barack Obama hell about a man, Bill Ayers, who just happened to live on his block and who he worked with on some neighborhood program but, he barely knows and does not associate with socially. These are the people who are still talking about his former pastor, a man who is a better and more patriotic American than some of the ones ragging him. Pastor Wright served in the U.S. Marine Core and did a couple of tours of duty in Vietnam. Oh yeah... and he didn't get captured. (Okay, that was dirty pool so, I'll take that back.)

Let me put it this way... if Barack Obama had given a speech at the Nation of Islam's Founders Day in Chicago, the right wing pundits would be yelling their heads off. Yet, I haven't heard a peep out of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly or any of the other talking heads at the Third Reich news station (Oh excuse me, it's called Fox News now. I'm sorry... I couldn't tell the difference.) about Palin's speech earlier this year in front of the Alaskan Independence Party.

To tell you the truth, I don't really care. She's the governor of the state and as governor, she's probably called upon to make lots of speeches at a lot of different organizational functions. But, if you're gonna sling mud, just be prepared to duck and cover. Somebody else might sling some your way.

Now you tell me... Who sounds more like a possible terrorist? Sarah Palin sure as hell scares me right about now.


James Perkins said...

Just came over here. I've been reading "Escapades" for awhile..
Nice Blog. I like Both of your blogs..I want to know how you do it..Maintain two blogs..I couldn't maintain one-lololol...Good Post,
love the photos.

Raven said...

Third Reich????!!!!! That is funny!! You know sometimes it really is hard to tell the difference. I sincerely hope people are smart enough to see through all of this and do what is best for this country. In the words of way, no how, no McCain!!!

Mista Jaycee said...

Phi Nu Pi (Kappa Leaguer) and for the record Libra rules! Now as far as the post you are completely correct but I must ask how long do we define someone on their accomplishments or their disgrace? Bill Ayers has become several things over the past almost four decades since his young days. David Horowitz has become a so called super patriot since his days as lefty consumer avocate. The woman at the center of the Roe Vs Wade case has now changed her view on abortion, people change and so do peoples views. Dig?


Keith said...

@James-Thanks for reading both blogs..It aint easy to maintain two..but I love writing..Writing is my passion.

@Raven- I think people of all races are finnally seeing through this smokescreen..They have to.

@Mista Jaycee-What's up brother,thanks for dropping by..and don't be a stranger.
You're right...People grow and they change..You can't keep beating them over the head about things they did thirty or forty years ago.

Political Sean said...

Hey Brother..I'm new to your blog..but I love the way you mix the political and the personal...I think I'm going to enjoy this blog.
I checked out "Escapades" too..Really like your imagination
and storytelling.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

It seems that they are starting to calm it down because of the types of right or should I say reich wingers tha are showing up to their rallies.

McCain looked embarrased as a elderly white woman tried to say Barack was not a good person, McCain had to defend Obama. Yes it seems more of the racist elements of the party seemed to be turning up.

This will be a wild and crazy ride in the last few days of this election.


Anonymous said...

hey this is probably her best


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