Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. If you don't learn how to get to the next chapter in life, you're going to just be stuck on the same page.

2. Two incomplete people will never make a complete relationship.

3. God shows up when you least expect it.

4.Why are we so judgemental and hard on each other? Life is tough enough!

5.Do you ever notice that some people still have a problem reffering to Barack Obama as "President Obama"...He's always "Obama"..Like if they don't say President..maybe it'll be true that he isn't...and that they are just having a bad dream. Get over it folks please..You know who you are!

6.Can't carry someone forever and expect them to know how to walk when you finally put them down!

7.I've heard that the ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something ,but to be something.. Thought I'd get a little deep on ya with that one!

8.Never take advice from someone who knows less than you.

9.Seems like we go from one extreme to another...First the jeans sag so much that if you have to run, you'll trip and fall...Now the jeans are so tight, if you have to run, you'll suffocate!

10.Is it me, or is today's music more and more disposable?

I'm just sayin....


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GM Philly, I'm with you on number 5 & 10!

Let's make this a great day!

Free Spirit Butterfly!

sending hugs all the way from Waldorf ;-) said...

Really helpful data, lots of thanks for your post.


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