Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Blues

I am sitting here on super bowl Sunday as a poor loser. Yeah, I got sour grapes. My Eagles will be home watching the game , just like I will. When the season began..Nobody expected the Eagles to make the playoffs ,let alone win the division...but then again...nobody expected Mike Vick to become the starting quarterback and elevate his play and the fortunes of the Philadelphia Eagles to such high heights. It was a dizzying ride..but it's all over.

To keep talking about the Eagles would be disrespectful to the Pittsburgh Steelers ( Who hail from the other side of my home state) or the Green Bay Packers who will be representing the NFC, of which my team is a part of. So you see ...I have split loyalties. I want to be loyal to the NFC...Yet at the same time...I was born in the great state of Pennsylvania and it would be nice to see the Lombardi trophy in this state at least.

Then again...Damn...The Steelers have six chips they really need another chip?? My Eagles aint got one!!!! Ouuu, that was grammatically horrible....but it reflects the way I really feel at the moment. I have decided what I'm going to eat...Check out my other blog..."Good Foodie" if you get a chance.

I'm going to sign off now...I won't be rooting for either team today....I just hope I see a good game
and enjoy some brats....


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Keith it's alright,next year!

Big Mark 243 said...

I am leaning ever so slightly for the Packers... but it is a VERY slight lean..!


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