Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Is Fair about this?

I can't believe the utter nerve of this guy, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to come out of his mouth and say this...but in the spirit of fairness, I'm going to present his side of the union busting debate going on Wisconsin this week...

Late Monday afternoon the Wisconsin Republican said he won't negotiate over his plan to strip most collective bargaining rights from nearly every public employee in the state as he works to plug a $3.6 billion hole in the state budget.

Governor Walker said at a news conference in his conference room in the Capitol, where thousands have been demonstrating against his plan for about a week, that he won't accept any compromises. Typical, so Typical of these Tea Party types...The sheer arrogance just gauls me.

Democrats and the unions say they would accept an increase in the cost of benefits, but not removal of collective bargaining rights altogether. Walker rejected that idea.

Senate Democrats skipped town last Thursday and said that they won't return unless Governor Walker is willing to make concessions on his bill.So right now...We have a sort of Mexican Stand off.

"For those 14 Senate Democrats, you've had your time," Scott Walker said. "Now it's time to come home." Come home for what? So he can have his quorum?? I think not!

Governor Walker warned that at least 1,500 layoffs could result if Democrats don't return and the bill is not passed soon.That could happen if they do return..So what's the rush?

The newly elected Republican blamed most of the state's budget woes on what else? previous budgets passed by his Democratic predecessor and majority.

The governor's afternoon press conference echoed comments aired Monday morning that he made to MSNBC's Chuck Todd.

Governor Walker in the interview called his bill "incredibly fair" and said it would help the state avoid sweeping job cuts.

On day seven of the continuing protests against the bill at the Wisconsin Capitol, Walker insisted it was not political and was designed to make savings to help balance the budget.

"We're broke. Like nearly every other state across the country, we have a major deficit," he told Todd on The Daily Rundown program.

The Governor said removing some collective bargaining rights would save money and help stop people being laid off. How would this save money? If he bothered to explain this ,it might make a
difference....but you can't explain away, what most working people already know is a lie in the first place.

"We've got to balance the budget and we can't do it with a short-term fix," he said, saying an alternative plan put forward by the union would just push the problem into the future.

"I don't want to see thousands upon thousands of people laid off at the state and local level. What we are proposing is a much better alternative," Walker added.

He said suggestions his plan was political — because some unions such as firefighters and police are exempt — were "bogus" as most police and firefighter unions did not support him. (Wonder why?)

'.It applies to me'' he wailed."Overall what we're talking about is something that's incredibly fair — it applies to me and my family, to my cabinet, the legislature as well as all the other workers at the state and local government level," Walker added.

Protests against his plan started Last Tuesday and have gained steam each day.

An estimated 68,000 people turned out Saturday with all but a few thousand not opposed to the bill, but the day marked the first time that a significant contingent of Walker supporters showed up to counter-protest. There were no clashes least not yet.

Hundreds of pro-union protesters gathered inside the Capitol on Sunday, as snow turned into freezing rain that made walking outside the building a challenge. Thousands more braved cold winds and temperatures in the 20s to march again on Monday, waving signs that said "Stop the attack on Wisconsin families" and "solidarity."

The 14 Senate Democrats who skipped town Thursday to indefinitely delay a vote on Walker's bill remained missing in action for a fifth day.

"You have shut down the people's government, and that is not acceptable," Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said during a brief meeting Monday setting the agenda for Tuesday's Senate session.

Two of the missing Democrats participated by phone from an undisclosed location.

"You're not in negotiations. There is no negotiation," Fitzgerald said, cutting off one of the Democrats on the phone. "You need to get back to the floor of the Senate and offer any ideas you may have on final passage. That's where we're at. There is no negotiation." See how Republicans do when they have the majority? I hope President Obama is watching this and taking notes...Though it's a little too late now..He was being a little too gentlemenly with the Re thugs...
These people don't play by such gentile rules when they have the majority...When will the Dems and the left finally see that and fight back Rep thug style? I wonder!

Both the Senate and Assembly planned to be in session on Tuesday to take up the bill, but at least one of the missing Democrats needed to show up for a vote to be taken in the Senate. Assembly Democrats planned to offer dozens of amendments that could push a vote into today or later.

Although last Tuesday's list of items, including the resolution honoring the Green Bay Packers, is largely bipartisan, Fitzgerald hinted that he might try to push some more controversial ones later, even if the Democrats aren't back. Among the possibilities is a vote on the question of whether voters should be required to show identification at the polls. How much sillier are they going to get?

Anybody....Anybody!!! Does Anybody have any doubts about who these people represent? They don't represent the working class or the middle class...They represent only the wealthy and the
special corporate lobbies that paid for many of these people's campaigns...Look what they are trying to do..Keep their workers from having any kind of say about their contracts or wages....
Union busting, plain and simple.

Personally..I feel Governor Scott Walker is a big fat liar..

His refusal to compromise or to even talk to the demonstrators is proof of that. The workers are willing to agree to lower salaries and increased insurance payments, but nooooooooo, Walker balked saying that getting rid of collective bargaining was not open to discussion. He and his fellow tea party thugs that were elected last November are trying to systematically bust unions across the country to stifle Democratic election efforts. It's not going to work. The people out protesting are not the uninformed, blindly following nitwits that watch fake news, I mean Fox News(same thing) They're not going to fall for the lies in Wisconsin or anywhere else in the country. The Koch brothers( who bank rolled his campaign) had better try a new tactic. The governor that they paid to elect isn't quite working out is he?

Finally ,He says that his proposal is "incredibly fair" (His words..) Okay..then you tell me- How is a unilateral move by one side of an issue to remove all rights of the other side "Incredibly Fair"?Who does he think he's talking to? What is fair about this? I sincerely hope the workers of Wisconsin resist to the hilt and not let him get away with this!

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Arlene said...

Keith, you are too nice. Gov. Walker doesn't have a side in this debate. He's flat out wrong!! I feel that way about many subjects! There are not always 2 sides. In this case, one side makes sense, the other doesn't. Were there 2 sides to the ending of slavery? Were there 2 sides to the annihilation of Jews during WWII? Were there 2 sides to the massacre of Native Americans as the U.S. grew? I don't think so! There is right, and ther is wrong. The governor is wrong!!

You know I work for a union and I support union values! Workers need unions for protection and for collective barginning. How did the 40 hour work week start? UNIONS Who stands up for minimum wages? UNIONS Who makes sure overtime wages are paid? UNIONS How did workers get health insurance paid by employers? UNIONS

The governor gives huge tax breaks to the wealthy then expects workers to give back their compensation. O hell no!!


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