Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Seven ( 7 things you might not know about kissing)

In celebration of the upcoming valentines day...Here are seven things you might not have known about kissing. I'm not even going to use the number seven that I usually use.

1.There are tons of nerve endings ... … in your lips (100 times more than in your fingertips!) that stimulate desire. That's why smooching before, during, and after sex can be extremely arousing and satisfying.

2. Forty percent of guys say that ... a really long, steamy kiss will get them immediately ready to head to the bedroom.

3.Guys initiate open-mouth kissing to transfer libido-boosting testosterone to their woman. So ladies, when your man is getting a little more aggressive, it's not just about his desire — he wants you to be a bit more amorous too. Didn't know I could get
scientific on you did ya?

4.Instantly turn up the heat of the moment by closing the "A-frame": A smooching stance in which you and your significant other are in the middle of a smooch but your hips are a mile apart. By pressing your hips together, the degree of desire quickly rises.

5.Ladies if you kiss a guy's ear? Kiss and suck on his earlobe for a moment and then trace the outline of his ear with the tip of your tongue. (Bonus points if you whisper something nasty to him.)

6.Guys don't really care if you're a bad kisser or not!

7. I made most of this stuff up...I don't know.....



Big Mark 243 said...

But it all sounded good even if you did just make it up!

Anonymous said...

It was a very good "made up" list said...

It won't work in actual fact, that is what I suppose.


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