Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hip Hop Barbecue???

You know...There was a time when the news was supposed to be bi-partisan...You know, the facts mam, just the facts!  Today, that is all a thing of the past... I wrote a post about how Rupert Murdoch was in trouble because one of his newspapers (and I use the term loosely when describing the now defunct "News of the World") hacked into the private phone lines of several individuals, fishing for juicy news stories.

If you recall, I wrote with glee how  I was glad that the man and his son were under fire and that one of his instruments was being forced to shut down...Well , he also owns FOX News , which I have lambasted ever since I started this blog...and it is because of non-sense like what they published last week on the occassion of
Barack Obama's birthday that I wish that the FCC would uncover some scandal, anything and close them down.

"PRESIDENT'S HIP HOP BARBECUE FAILS TO CREATE NEW JOBS!" (Actual caption on Fox News's website.)

In today's "Racially coded messaging that's so blatant it makes me want to vomit" news, Fox News lists the guests in attendance and the menu ("Dinner: BBQ chicken, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta, salad. Dessert: apple, peach, huckleberry and cherry pies; chocolate cake") and points out (exclamation point in the original, because this is so damned scandalous) "The president asked everyone to dance -- and they did!" as evidence of the characterization. Oh, and they made sure to blast the event for failing to create jobs (because most non-"hip-hop" birthday parties do?). I can't make this crapola up, and I'm quite honestly still holding out hope that this piece is a joke. I of course know it's not....

The following Dangerous people were guests and their photos were listed prominently-

Charles Barkley, oh my...he's a dangerous radical, Comedian Chris Rock....ohhh myyy...Probably the only true hip hopper in the bunch...Jay Z and his wife, singer Beyonce....Gasp! This is all supposed to be a tongue in cheek code or joke for all of those ignorant Tea Party supporters and fellow travelers who chew tobbaco and smile at each other with every other tooth missing and go -"Uh Huh..see, I told you...He's partying and we aint got no jobs!!!"
(By the way..Actor, Tom Hanks was there..How come he wasn't mentioned ,nor his photo blasted across Fox New's website??? I'm just asking!)

Come on...Black people...If  some white people can't or refuse to see this...At least you can...( or you should) see that this is blatant racism...Blatant disrespect for the man and the office, because of his race (or half of his race, depending on how you look at it.)

All of this was reported for what??  Didn't President Bush have a birthday party? I recall that he did and the Oak Ridge Boys were guests at one of his parties...Was it reported like this?? Was he slammed politically at any of his birthday celebrations during his tenure at the White House?? Was President Clinton, Was  President Reagon??? I think not.  Yet everything this President does...Fox News ,which is blatantly one sided..So one sided that they might as well admit that they are the official news organ of the Republican Party uses everything to slam this President...

I will strangle the next Black Republican (and I do know some) who tells me that the Tea Party is not a racist movemant...It is...and they don't want your black ass..but they'll take your money and support and laugh at you behind your backs -("What a bunch of silly negroes.")Ask Former Republican Party Chairman Steele or is he still in denial?

This is so blatantly racist that they can't hide it...Not one Black person in America should be on board with this...But we have some stupid Black people too...Who think that Uncle Tomism is a way(for them) to get ahead.

So when Sarah Palin's birthday comes up ....or Ann Coulter's...I want to see equal coverage of their celebrity guests...and I want to see if their birthday party's create some new jobs.. Fair is Fair, right?


Big Mark 243 said...

^5! Couldn't have said it any better!! (btw, snagged your Faux News logo!!)

Arlene said...

Yes, Keith, the fearmongers are at it again! We know the "code" and we know what the teabaggers are up to in their use of the code. Let's hope that citizens exercise the right to vote and send some of these do-nothings and do-wrongs home! Right here in PA we elected a senator who doesn't reflect our beliefs about the commonwealth. We elected him, because we didn't show up on election day. (Remeber the teabaggers elected that owes over $100,000 in child support won his election by fewer than 200 votes.) Toomey's been selected to sit on the super-committee to settle budget issues. That means work together and compromise. How can Toomey compromise when he's already made up his mind and signed the Norquist pledge (not a pledge with PA voters, those without healthcare or access to decent public schools.) I'm SMH and shaking my feet because I'm ready to work for better!!


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