Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Missed The Quake!

Today, there was apparently an earthquake!  An earthquake that I managed to miss completely, if you can believe that.!  It occurred in between one and two o'clock according to what I am hearing...I was ironically enough at chapel service over in the hospital when it occurred.  I go to this service every Tuesday, especially when I've missed Sunday service..So while I was in the chapel listening to the speaker of the week..This is what was happening elsewhere-

Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated buildings across the East Coast on Tuesday after a moderate earthquake in Virginia that was also felt as far south as Charleston, S.C. and as far north as Boston. No tsunami warning was issued, but air and train traffic was disrupted across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states.

In the Washington, D.C., area, parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were among the areas evacuated. All memorials and monuments on the National Mall were evacuated and closed.

At the Pentagon, a low rumbling built and built to the point that the building shook. People ran into the corridors of the government's biggest building and as the shaking continued there were shouts of "Evacuate! Evacuate!"

The quake even broke a water main inside the Pentagon, flooding parts of two floors, NBC reported.

"We were rocking," said Larry Beach, who works at the U.S. Agency for International Development in downtown Washington, 83 miles from the quake's epicenter. "It was definitely significant."

Initial damage reports from Washington included Ecuador's embassy and the central tower at the National Cathedral. Three pinnacles on the 30-story-tall tower broke off.

The quake was the third strongest along the East Coast in recorded history, USGS records show. Charleston, S.C., was hit by a 7.3 in 1886 and Giles County, Va., saw a 5.9 in 1897.

Two nuclear reactors near the epicenter were taken offline as a precaution, officials said. No damage was reported at either.

At the U.S. Capitol, light fixtures swung and the building shook for about 15 seconds while the tremor hit, NBC News reported.

The same happened here in Philadelphia, In New York City and as far up as Boston. My daughter and my wife ,who were in different parts of Philadelphia said that they felt their building shaking...

Surprisingly, I felt nothing..Had no idea that anything had happened until I got their phone calls...I saw people in the streets with their smartphones and their IPADs all searching for information...I was doing the same.

I scanned  Facebook and Twitter, where I'm getting most of my news now of days and everybody was talking about the quake...The quake that I completely missed ...Only I could miss an entire earthquake..Go figure.

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