Monday, August 8, 2011

Idle Observations

Like I said...As much as I use Facebook and Twitter, I still love blogging because well, uh, this would be a great Facebook and twitter topic..but I would go over 140 charactors with what I'm gonna say. Probably went over it with just this sentence..

My wife and I were out at an IHOP for brunch yesterday and there were maybe 18 people ahead of us.  That's right..18!  But we were really hungry..We spent Saturday at Clementon Park and Splash world in New Jersey with our daughter and her husband and the kids...and wore us out...LOL!

While we waited...Nearly everybody had an Android or Blackberry and was fiddling with that...Even my wife and I...A man and his wife were nearby...They had a small child....She had "Yo Gabba Gabba " playing on her Android and her baby and the baby that was with another woman ,seated next to my wife both responded to D.J. Lance Rock...

An Arab man was showing his young son the weather on his Android , While a white man was showing his friend stock reports... Another man was getting the sports updates..While I was checking out Facebook and Twitter updates and Tweets on mine.

My wife was playing some type of game on hers....The thing I noticed was that maybe only one couple was having an actual conversation....Conversation!  Isn't that what people used to do before smart phones and the new technology?  How about deep thought?? or the twiddling of thumbs???

Don't get me wrong...I'm not knocking the new technology...It's just that I hope we all don't become so entrenched in our own little electronic worlds that we forget how to connect with each other socially?  Sadly to say...I already see the beginnings of that down the road.


Big Mark 243 said...

Man, I know I am behind the times... people don't use the phone to connect with people but actually prefer to connect through text, email, or status updates! I don't even know how to conduct myself in getting to know a woman these days!!

It isn't a good sign... I think society is moving away from a community ideal to an individual centered one... and I think that makes us all easier to control..!

Shai said...

It is sad. I haven't dated in awhile and I cringe at the thought of this technology way of "getting to know" each other.

I don't talk on the phone much and I don't have texting. Heck I have an old phone that is basic and my bill is under $40. I still have a house phone.

I still enjoy face to face convos. Talking on the phone is good too. I just don't like how electronics has taken over real relating.

I am guilty of having my MP3 on in public or reading my Kindle. One day I stopped and looked at how many folks were walking around on phones, Ipads, had earbuds in and I was thinking how unplugged we are from each other.

Keith said...

Shai,My wife and I just upgraded to an Android phone about two months ago...We both had flip phones which I was informed by my younger co-workers is so "Yesterday and uncool."-lol.

Shai said...

I still have a flip phone. My daughter laughs at me. I am like I don't want the higher bill. LOL.


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