Monday, August 15, 2011

Mad Michelle!

"Literally, if we took away the minimum wage—if conceivably it was gone—we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level." ~ Michelle Bachmann

Yeah, that's an actual quote of hers... I have to ask myself...Does she really believe what comes out of her mouth?  Furthermore , does anyone else really believe this?  She is making my entire argument about how stupid these tea party people really are.

So she thinks that if we eliminate the minimum wage...We could eliminate unemployment?  Companies could conceivably hire people and pay them whatever they wanted to.. So everybody would have a job...but everybody wouldn't have a living wage...There are people now, who make slightly above minimum wage who still can't make ends meet.

This is the disconnect I'm talking about.  These scary Tea Party people have no connection to the real world..No connection to real working families..If they did...If she did...She wouldn't dream of making statements like the one she made above...

So I'm asking...Not just African-Americans...I'm asking White Americans...Latino Americans, Asian Americans...Hard working people with families...With dreams of sending your children to college so they can have a future....How can you vote for someone like this?

How can you vote for people who are funded by Billionaires who aren't willing to pay their fair share of taxes?...(Money that would bail the country out of it's present deficit. ) How can you vote for people who hide their responsibility behind the scenes and whose only interest is in lining their pockets?

They aren't interested in creating jobs....They are interested in making profits though.  They are interested in sending jobs overseas and paying slave wages to some foreigner and not worrying about benefits.....They are interested in busting up unions so that workers here can't bargain collectively and thus have little or no say about their wages....That's what they are interested in.

"Paying Someone Minimum Wage is like saying....I would pay you less, but that would be illegal."- Comedian, Chris Rock.

So knowing all of this.....There are people who are still voting republican?? , Still voting for tea party candidates?? Still think someone like "Mad" Michelle Bachman would make a good President??  Really???

Maybe I'm mad!


♥ CG ♥ said...

Whew, the incredibly nonsensical stuff that she utters. She makes SP appear to be sane...ok, just a tad bit.

Big Mark 243 said...

Oh brother Keith... wait until the Texas Governor gets to talking and everyone finds out how he operates... talk about insanity.

Anonymous said...

You're all communists..Michelle Bachman ,in addition to being a fox is a very classy and intelligent lady...I will not see her trashed by people like you and your supporters...Don't delete my comment again...I'm an American and I deserve to be heard...

Keith said...

@Anonymous- I'm only keeping this comment because it shows how simple minded you and YOUR supporters are.. You just made my argument for you you buffoon!

James Perkins said...

That's tellin him Keith-LOL!

Sean said...

Thanks for goin in at that anonymous clown Keith...

SLC said...

I'm just commenting so I can see all the future comments. I do wish that people that disagreed with your point would do so with statements regarding why they support her and agree with her politics. "in addition to being a fox". This isn't a pageant. I love hearing opinions from all sides, especially when they are built upon something of substance.


Keith said...

@SLC- I agree..This anonymous person is some kook that just likes
to spew nonsense on my posts..At first I thought it was the panty thrower on my other blog, but this seems like a different person..Some coward that likes to play on the internet..Too much of
(Fill in the blank) to use their real name.


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