Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Class Warfare? Not!

President Obama has proposed raising the taxes on Wealthy Americans to help trim the nation's deficit.....Republicans are yelling "Class Warfare"...Oh really? Haven't they been at war with the Middle and Working Class for close to twenty years??

It's good to know that according to an MSNBC poll , 69 percent of Americans don't believe that this is class warfare...or unfair..,.They feel as I do that wealthy Americans have weathered the storm okay and that they will not be hurt by higher taxes at all.

28 percent are delusional folks who believe that President Obama is "attacking well-off Americans in order to spare the rest of the country from budget cuts." I imagine the people saying that are probably wealthy Americans..but it could also be someone who is not wealthy at all, but is following that line of thinking because, well, If President Obama is doing this, it just has to be evil, un american and wrong right? I mean...That's what Rush Limbaugh said right?

Then of course you have the two percent who aren't sure...They are never sure of anything! These people and the 28 percent listed in the last paragraph live in a bubble..I'm convinced...The entire world of facts is floating around them ,but they just can't seem to grasp it!

The truth of the matter is ,He's ending the tax breaks these fat cats no longer deserve. No jobs, no tax breaks. Creating jobs was the deal, According to every Republican since the great communicator, Ronald Reagon.. They broke the contract.

So In the end...Is this class warfare as the Tea Party talking heads are yelling?  I think not...It's more like tallying up!


swaggie said...

Damn man, you hit the nail on the head with this!

James Perkins said...


Toni said...

I'm glad you wrote this...You can't make it any plainer than this.

Sean said...

This is all true Keith...but President Obama should have come out hard like this a year ago...or two..Now it looks like he's just pandering to his base.

Angie B. said...

What amazes me is how many people just don't get this...Like you said.

Cheryl said...

What the Republicans/Tea Party has done is convince some white people that this is a racial thing, not the class thing that it is...Their racial hatred of the President keeps them from accepting anything that he says.

Brenda said...

@Cheryl-Good point and an accurate point!

Vanessa said...

Good points all Keith, but like Sean..I was hoping the President would have got down like this about two years ago.

Halo said...

I too was hoping the President would have finally got tough awhile ago..but better late than never.

Lisa said...

Standing and applauding Keith...Good points!


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