Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Death Cycle

Considering the fact that I am an unashamed Far Left Liberal...Many of you would be surprised to know that I am in favor of the death penalty.  I'm in favor of it as long as it is administered fairly and there is little to no doubt about the guilt of the person being put to death.

Last Night around 11:08 pm, est...They put a man to death who I'm not 100% certain was guilty of the murder he was convicted of...The fact that this man went to his death still proclaiming his innocence disturbs me even more...It means that if Troy Davis was in fact innocent of the killing of the police officer...Then the real killer is still out there somewhere, sighing with releif...He got away with it...At least for now....He'll pay in a higher court!   That's all a moot point now...Troy Davis is dead!

In Texas....a man who I am 100 percent certain was guilty...was also put to death last night...

Lawrence Russell Brewer, the ring leader of a trio of whites who kidnapped ,beat and then tied a Black man named James Byrd to their pick up truck and dragged him along the road until he was dead...Then they dropped his decapitated and mutilated remains on the grounds of a Black church and left ...This was one of the most shocking hate crimes in a long while and it put the city of Jasper,Texas on the map in an unfair and unkind light.....

Well, Last night....around 7:05 pm...Lawrence Brewer got to meet his maker.  I hope James Byrd is waiting on the other side for Brewer and beats the hell out of him...Just kidding of course...Then again...I'm not!

Just a day before all of this...A man ,I'm also certain is guilty as hell was given a stay of execution by the Supreme Court...

The US supreme court has granted a stay of execution for a Texas death row inmate, just over two hours before he was scheduled to die.

Cleve Foster, a 47-year-old former Army recruiter, was convicted of the rape and murder of a young woman in 2002.

He was due to be put to death by lethal injection around 6pm local time in Texas on Tuesday night. It is the third time his execution has been stayed shortly before he was due to die.

In their brief order, the judges gave no reason why they granted the stay and said Foster's execution will be delayed while it considers his appeal.

Foster was one of two men convicted and sent to death row for fatally shooting a 30-year-old African-American woman whose body was found in a ditch by pipeline workers in Fort Worth in February 2002.

The other defendent..also sentenced to die by lethal injection, died of cancer last year.

Since the Supreme Court was handing out repreives this week , they also halted another execution of a person  I believe was 100 percent guilty...

Duane Buck, a Black Houston man who gunned down his girlfriend and a man he believed she was cheating on him with and his own sister....was convicted and all but ready for a needle when, in the penalty phase of his trial...A so called "Expert witness",
A Psychologist..Told the jury that because Mr. Buck is Black, he is "More than likely to commit another violent crime if he was ever released again."

This statement is so racist and so stupid that there is no defense for it... That some white people actually believe this , is still amazing to me....Anyway...Buck's defense attorneys used this statement to sway the Supreme Court into giving him a stay of execution....Had the jury not heard this, it might have made the difference between a life sentence and a death sentence they reasoned.

Maybe....Maybe not...He confessed and his own sister , who survived the shooting testified against him....I think he was gone, but that's just me...

So in conclusion....The Supreme Court gave stays of execution to two men who are more than likely guilty...A Guilty man went to his death last night...and possibly, an innocent man also went to his death last night....

Does it add up?  I don't know....I'm still left with a big zero!


James Perkins said...

Great post!

Samuel Bastion said...

I concur with what Mr. Perkins wrote...Great writing.

Sean said...

Keep Doin your thing Mr. Keith!


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