Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Public Taste (or lack of..)

Funny how public taste changes. Today stories were posted on the MSN website that said that President Obama's approval ratings were at an all time low...They posted a poll which asked "Would you vote for President Obama today?  Of course, right over this poll is the caption -"President Obama no longer the favorite to win re-election...democratic pollster says." So this poll feels like the old bait and switch carnival trick....or more akin to the Vulcan mind meld.

60 percent voted "No, he's one and done."  , Myself and 34 percent voted "Yes..he deserves more time in office." and 6 percent said that they weren't sure. Somewhere George W. Bush is on his ranch laughing. Those were his numbers in 2008 around this time...when his administration and his party was tanking the economy.

I listen to these stupid conservative radio hosts and I read these often mean spirited posts that people write in response to anything about President Obama sometimes... Most of the writers are racists..All of them are cowards who hide behind a keyboard.  I read one posting in which the writer said that if a , get this qualified Democrat agreed to run against Obama...He would vote for him.

What he really meant was a  white male Democrat...But he'd never admit it...(Or maybe he would. His Black co-workers wouldn't have to know..He'd be safely hidden in his anonyminity on his computer in his mother's basement.) You know what's funny...Despite President Obama's low numbers...He is still ahead of ALL of the Republican candidates that are running right now..So what does that tell you?  What they also don't mention is that the public is even angrier at Congress now too...Democratic and Republican..

Why is anyone angry?  You voted (or did not vote) for every single one of these people and you didn't hold them accountable. The President asked everyone to come out and vote in November, so that he could have a united congress and house that could get things done....but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
It was raining, you had to get beer, The Housewives of Atlanta was on...Donald Trump was on TV talking about the President's real birth place....You just didn't give a damn about that election.

So now you have a congress that is full of loons from the Tea Party and Republicans that are willing to play with your future to destroy this President...and you're mad..Now you're upset???Why?/ You don't give a damn, you believe everything you're told in a sound bite?You're not going to do research on your own. After all, you don't have the time to do that..You're too busy being unemployed and bitter and racist. You know that goofy Michelle Bachman  and Sarah Palin have the right answer right? You know that Rush Limbaugh ,Rick Perry,Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney can get us out of this mess right?? Maybe even that black guy that owns the pizza parlor named Herman Cain right. Nah...he's blacker than President Obama.


Yeah right. Just shut up, drink your beer, watch mindless television and don't worry about it...Isn't that what you always do anyway America?
                                                    Well dont you??


Sean said...

Damn Keith, tell us how you really feel! -LOL!

Big Mark 243 said...

I think the split in Congress shows how much more the Repugs were better at energizing their base than the Dems were during the mid-terms. Also, the notion that the Tea Bags were started by 'concerned Americans' has been discovered to have been a front for big money interests who would roll back regulations to protect the health and environment in the country (if not the world!)

The Dems have always had trouble getting there people out to vote because they don't hit the notes that get people out to vote... and they keep allowing poor people to find reasons NOT to vote for them...

The Dems would have left Bill Clinton out to dry but he has too dynamic a personality... I think that President Obama is too conciliatory and that only feeds the madness that is the Repugs...

Anonymous said...

Obama knew what he was getting into when he was running for president,he will have take public criticism,it goes with the job.This is a capitalistic country,driven by the almighty dollar,so the rich controls all political parties in congress,and hoodwink the general public in thinking there are doing something for the best interest all,but it all goes to making money in a bad situation or good, even if it hurts them as well,Mr.Obama will need to yield his presidential powers and do lead this country out of the mess it continues to create daily.sometimes your personality can hold you back and ego can be a bitch, if your back is up against wall. so Obama need to energize his base with the truth and tone down the rhetoric if he wants to be reelected to office.

James Perkins said...

Read your last too posts...Very bitter..Bitter than you used to be, but dead on just the same!


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