Monday, September 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. Republicans are still telling that twenty year old lie about tax cuts to the filthy rich and huge multi-national corporations creating jobs!

2.A large percentage of allegedly, reasonably intelligent people still believe this lie.

3. American's memories sure are short....A Republican President and his administration trashed our economy and yet, This party is still getting votes and getting candidates elected!!!!! It's amazing that anybody is listening to a word any of them say...and yet they are!

4.Did you ever think there would come a day when you'd see Cops, Firemen and Teachers getting laid off? Those used to be considered ''Safe" jobs.

5. Nobody's job is "safe"

6.The human race is amazing... We are the only animals (yeah humans are animals, some more than others.) that can consciously pretend to like somebody when we really don't & just go on like life is fine. Now let a lion not like another Lion....I don't have to tell you what will happen next!

7.Ever Notice that the most self absorbed and conceited people always turn out to be those with the least reason to be that way?

8.Ever Notice how Your employer can spend millions of dollars building new hospital wings and buildings and acquiring land to develop more wings and buildings and when it comes time for a raise...give you that old spiel about -"We don't have unlimited funding."

9.How is it that people constantly complain, bitch and moan about Facebook and Twitter and yet still continue to write status updates and tweets on the daily?

10. In case you were wondering....I am not one of those people!

A little music to start your week off-

(It's all connection to nothin...)


Big Mark 243 said...

This is a random thing... and you are dead on about the Facebook thing..! That and the tax cuts... the 'job creators' don't spend that money, they save it... it has been proven over and over again... but people are stupid... really, it is the appeal to knee-jerk emotions like race or religion that keeps them voting Repug...

Anonymous said...

The american dream is finding and getting a good job!Both political parties can't even do anything to resolve that basic necessity,The fact that nobody is safe means what it means and that includes the "job creators" too! and this is a random reality.


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