Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pointing Fingers

Yes...I'm laughing...and yes...I'm milking this...I'm getting so much traction from this story that it's not funny...Herman Cain is discovering , as Brother Steele did, what it means to be successful and a Black Republican.  Maybe he's learning what it means to be successful and Black period...

The man has been so angry at the recent allegations against him that he's broken out into song on television.  He actually has a surprisingly decent singing voice....After this joke of a campaign is over...He can audition for X Factor or American Idol...

Herman Cain started out blaming his accusers and the news media for the story alleging inappropriate behavior with at least two female employees(Now three as of this writing.) when he headed the National Restaurant Association.

He then turned to Democrats and liberals, arguing that they don’t want to see him win the GOP presidential nomination. And now Cain and his campaign are blaming Rick Perry's team for leaking the story, saying that he told Perry adviser Curt Anderson in 2003 about a charge stemming from his time at the restaurant association. (But if Cain told folks about this in ’03 to discuss opposition research on him in preparation for a Senate bid, why was he so unprepared to respond after the Politico story came out Sunday night? HMMMMMMMMMM!)

"The Perry campaign needs to apologize to Herman Cain and his family," top Cain aide Mark Block said on FOX yesterday. Perry and his campaign deny leaking the story. “We found out about the allegations against Mr. Cain the same time everybody else did," Governor Perry told Red State’s Erick Erickson, per NBC’s Carrie Dann.

I know from personal experience (I'll write about that later!) that the blame game only works for a short period of time. What ultimately matters is the story -- not who leaked it.

Indeed, here’s what  has been known since Monday: Two women accused Cain of inappropriate sexual conduct, and at least one  of these woman received a financial settlement because of it.

Over the course of three days,Herman Cain has tried to deflect blame, but hasn't been able prove all the allegations are false.

He's busy complaining (and singing) that he's being treated as if he's "guilty until proven innocent” . The problem for him is that while he's been deflecting blame, he's also evolved his explanation so much that it's actually confirmed some of the charges, making his denials on all of them harder to believe. Who knew he was such a playa?

 As if he didn't have enough problems with the two women...It's now been reported that a THIRD former National Restaurant Association employee considered filing a workplace complaint against Cain. Second, Chris Wilson, a GOP pollster aligned with a pro-Perry Super PAC who worked for the National Restaurant Association, has alleged seeing Cain engage in inappropriate behavior (and also denies leaking the story...Of course!).

 And third, as NBC’s Lisa Myers reported on “TODAY,” the lawyer for one female accuser who wanted to tell her side of the story, doesn’t want to come out publicly. “She has a life to live and a career, and she doesn’t want to become another Anita Hill,” said lawyer Joel Bennett. Instead, as the New York Times notes, Bennett wants to release a statement -- on his client’s behalf -- that makes clear her version of events is different than Cain’s, without violating her non-disclosure agreement.

Somewhere, Tiger Woods is laughing his head off!

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Anonymous said...

as I said earlier in a previous comment box more info was coming,when you lie you have to keep it up!being black and successful don't mean you have to be stupid and deceiving ,the vetting process allows people to view you for who you are and what you stand for! Herman Cain said the charges made against him is baseless,well I guess telling people the truth is baseless also!whether the person is innocent or guilty,he should not be so defensive and angry,he should allow his so called experience as a leader stand out and allow the other parties to speak out so we can hear everything and move on!He is sinking his own ship and don't need no help.


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