Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super Failure

They failed...Can't say it any simpler than that...The so called "super-committe" of six democrats and six republicans failed to reach a decision on how to reduce the national deficit....Anybody surprised?

The bipartisan leadership of a special congressional committee — assigned the task of slashing more than $1 trillion dollars from the U.S. deficit — announced Monday that the panel failed, unable to bridge bitter ideological differences separating Republicans and Democrats in the run-up to presidential and legislative elections next year.Once again the Party of "No" refuses to co-operate for the good of the American People...

Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and Republican Rep. Jeb Hensarling said that despite "intense deliberations" the members of the panel have been unable "to bridge the committee's significant differences."

Republicans refused to cross their ideological line against increasing taxes. Democrats refused to allow cuts in popular programs that serve the elderly and poor without a compensating growth of government income, especially from the wealthiest Americans.

The close of business Monday marked deadline for constructing a plan to slash $1.2 trillion from federal red ink. The committee was to have had a polished plan ready on Wednesday, with the two-day interval to be used by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office to assess the savings projected in any deal.

Some would rather risk millions out of work, trillions of dollars of debt just to put one man out of office. If that's not self destructive, selfish and racist...I don't know what else can be said....And don't tell me that there are Black republicans and black tea party members who agree with this...I know that and I know that there were black slaves who refused to escape with the others...It's called disillusionment or as one of my friends said -"The illusion of inclusion" Another Blog post for another day.

So just what does this mean? It means that our economy is and will be in the toilet for awhile to come.. It means that they failed....They failed you and me...all of us!


Anonymous said...

You are right! I expected failure as soon as I learned our senator, Pat Toomey, had been appointed to the committee. He is not a "concensus builder." He represents that ideaology of wealth acquistion at any cost. Damn the middle, and the bottom, if the top can benefit! Pat's the guy with Sarah Palin in your famous "hell" joke!! This is no laughing matter. Stand with the 99%!!

P.S. Keith, it's me, in NC visiting the grands. I forgot my log in so I had to register as Anonymous. I'm glad my machine remembers these things!!

Anonymous said...

This news is no surprise!Both the parties and the President has offered little to no leadership to the American people,when it comes to doing something that seems right they all fail and play the blame game.Deficits will destroy countries look at what is happening in Europe currently ,that is affecting the USA,and now what our elected officials are doing will affect the Nation,Greed and Corruption Across the globe is kicking everybody's ass,if you are not Rich it is affecting your life in one way or the other,The real War is at home not overseas,welcome to the HAVES vs. the HAVENOTS era.......


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