Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. Why is it that God only tells Republican Candidates to run for President?

2.  A grown man gets in the shower with young boys and touches their legs, hugs them and soaps them down and he doesn't see anything wrong or otherwise inapropriate about that.....Okay...(Drops the mike and walks off the stage.

3.I'm not ready for those holiday commercials yet...but I know they are coming!

4.Anybody else besides me need a mid -winter vacation?

5.You ever notice that the folks who advise you to be loving and calm like Ghandi are the first ones to go ballistic when somebody does something to them?

6.Do you ever feel guilty when you're told that someone has died and you thought they were dead already? Just asking....

7.It's going to be a long winter in Philly...No Basketball and from the shape of the Eagles..No Football either!

8.Twitter and Facebook gets me the news and sports updates before CNN and MSNBC does.... That's a crying shame aint it?

9.As a grand-parent , My two grand-children have gotten away with everything my daughter couldn't get away with....What is that about?

10.I dyed my hair to get rid of some gray...Now it's in my moustache!   I can't win!



Arlene said...

Hey cousin, numbers 9 and 10 are the truth!! I used to fuss because my mother and father let my boys get away with stuff and now it seems I'm doing the same things!! And the hair!! Oh yes I dyed mine too but the Muese curse of facial hair is my tell-tale sign. I'm a redhead with white chin hairs!! LOL

Big Mark 243 said...

Brother Keith, I am so with you on #4... I need a serious fall break..!

... when it comes to #7, I understand your disappointment with the football team, but I did not know that you guys had a pro basketball team too? When that happen..? (dig, dig.!!)

Keith said...



"Mommy, can I go to Timmy's blog and play?"

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