Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Update

On Thanksgiving Day, my wife and I had our family meal at my mother-in-law's house. Our daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids were there too. It's been a while so, just to bring you up to date... Our grandson is now 5 years old and he actually started kindergarten in September of this year. Can you believe it? My granddaughter is now 2 years old and has officially entered into that infamous "terrible two" stage, which I know now can last about two years via my grandson. But seriously, time flies, doesn't it?

As for Black Friday, my wife and I went with our daughter and grandkids to the King of Prussia mall, then on to the movies to see "Happy Feet 2". After that, our last stop before going home was Target. It was a busy day, but the little ones were there to make sure we had some fun along the way. On Saturday, my wife and I did some Christmas shopping on our own; and Sunday, we just chilled around the house and had a quiet day at home. So, from my family to yours, we hope you and your loved ones had a blessed weekend too!


Kandake CimCiptivan said...

those are some gorgeous kids. continue spoiling them. it's your grandparently duty.

bayoucreole said...

You have a beautiful family Keith! Your grandson has your smile...that's too adorable!

Keith said...

Thank You!

Rich said...

Love the picture of you and your grandson engrossed with the smart phones.


"Mommy, can I go to Timmy's blog and play?"

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