Monday, November 21, 2011

Sports and My Internet Evolution

I'm a social kind of guy...I love getting together with people and sharing food, conversation  and what not...During the past decade, me and several people who I used to hang out with at a certain bar and grill that is no longer open anymore used to meet at several people's home anytime there was a big Football game or a big Basketball game or especially if there was a big fight....Someone would bring hoagies, cheesesteaks, a case of beer, pizza, et al... The host would two or three guys barbecuing chicken and ribs...(Even in the dead of winter) and these sporting events became essential...indoor tailgate parties....

I loved them...but in the meanwhile...The downside is...When they are over....Somebody has got to clean up!
Drat!...Since these get togethers were always at one of three places..I imagine it got a little rough on them..The result is...They rarely call or send e-mails and invites out for them anymore. 

Sometime around the time the bar I used to hang out at closed and everyone seemed to go their seperate ways, an amazing thing happened....I started this blog that you're reading, KEITH'S SPACE  That would have been in December of 2007...I wasn't too tech savy then...I didn't even know how to download photos on my blog...I usually wrote the text and sometime in the afternoon my wife would edit my text and add photos to my blog...Right about now you are probably wondering what if anything this has to do with my topic....Well,I'm getting to that.

This blog started off slow, but in the coming months it began to pick up and I began to make friends...friends from all over the country who like me were starting blogs...We read each others blogs and began to cheerl ead each other and in the fall of 2008, We helped elect this country's first African -American President...I developed a community of sorts..I also launched another blog...ESCAPADES ...It features Poetry.Short Stories,Serialized Fiction,Erotica and Art....I developed an even bigger following with the two blogs and I got a little tech savy..My wife taught me HTML and I learned how to download photos to my post...When she launched her two blogs....I realized that I had to pick up the editing chores and the downloading of photos myself...and I did...Thus I was able to turn out more posts on both blogs at a more rapid pace..

2009 saw me get both a Facebook account and a Twitter account....These social networking accounts opened me up to a whole new world of people....Folks I knew from High School, College, The Air Force, My Fraternity, other fraternitys and sororities, My job and folks I never knew before, but who all became my "friends" if you would...I carried on conversations and debates all day long on Facebook and Twitter....I also launched my third and final blog...GOOD FOODIE...a blog with recipes and restaraunt reviews.....No one blog could contain all of my interests and ideas...So I created three to cover everything.. Needless to say , I've been in an intensely creative state for the past three years...Writing three blogs and communicating with the world on these social networks..

So....How does this affect the way I view sports?  Glad you asked...Here it is...Nothing will ever beat actually going to a game..We have two brand new stadiums here in Philly ...The Linc or Lincoln Financial field for Football and Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies...I have been to both of them...and if invited to another fight party or get together...I will certainly go....but.........I have found that I really like sitting in my living room ,by myself..Watching my favorite teams on my Flat screen TV!   I get (sometimes) a better view of the game than I would if I were actually there....I can eat what I want...Popcorn...Nachos with cheese...My own grilled hot dogs, et al and enjoy the beverage of my choice and watch in peace.......

I keep my android nearby and I can enjoy the game in real time with all of my "friends" who are doing the same thing...and tweet and do facebook updates while the game is going on....It's almost like them being at my house...minus the clean up and the mess and the volume of loud voices...Is this truly a sign of the times or what?


Val said...

Yep, it is a sign of the times. And I know just how you feel. I too have begun to enjoy the solitude of watching events on tv or online and then sharing my thoughts with others online.

I'm not so sure this is as good a thing as it might seem however. Yes people can be problematic but learning to and preferring to filter relationships through online social sites has its downside.

I think at some point many people will conclude that moderation is the best policy. Not too much in person interaction and not too little. Not too much online interaction and not too little.

Interesting post!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

A favorite subject of mind the deterioration of human contact,so many people prefer to text,then talk or have face to face conversations.
This I believe have created an vacuum of trust between people.

Anonymous said...

Hey cousin, still me in NC for Thanksgiving and catching up on my commenting. I have been to only one professional football game. Granted, it was back in the '80s when the Eagles played the Giants, but I learned a valuable lesson. First, it was COLD. We had lousy seats, and Eagles and Giant fans are rowdy, to say the least! Sitting for 4 hours in 33 degrees and below temps, wind howling with bits of ice hitting my cheeks, and grown folks drunk and cussing each other is crazy and not really fun. This year I got NLF Sunday ticket so I can see all my teams while I'm warm and cozy. I can drink my Henekin and do my cussing in comfort!
P.S. -A pox on the Ravens!!


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