Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Re Assess!

Come on Herman...Another Woman?? Another Woman?? Damn man...I should have sold Pizza when I was a young man...It seems to have worked for you.  I really didn't think I'd be writing...What is this, the fourth post THIS MONTH on Herman "Big Daddy" Cain...but it seems that another woman has come out of his past....Didn't know you was a playa like that Herman.

Herman "Big Daddy" Cain told senior campaign staff members Tuesday that he's "reassessing" his campaign in the wake of a fresh allegation that he engaged in a 13-year-long extramarital affair.

Steve Grubbs, the candidate's Iowa campaign chairman,has confirmed to NBC News that Big Daddy Cain said he's taking a step back, much as he did after his finish in the Ames Straw Poll in August, to evaluate the direction of his campaign. The call included Big Daddy's 50 state directors, and the reassessment will occur over the next two days.

This reassessment coincides with a new allegation from Ginger White, an Atlanta woman who says that she and Big Daddy Cain engaged in an affair for well over a decade, one that ended only recently. Naturally, Cain has denied the affair.

Big Daddy Cain reiterated his claim, made yesterday in reaction to the new allegation, that Ginger White was simply a friend who he had sought to help financially, and that nothing inappropriate had happened between the two of them.

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO, who has faced a string of different allegations of sexual harassment, also said that he had no immediate plans to cancel his campaign events; he still intends to deliver a major foreign policy speech tonight in Michigan.

But Big Daddy Cain acknowledged the emotional toll that the claims against him had taken on his family. He said yesterday on CNN that he would stay in the campaign as long as his wife continued to believe he should stay in the race. Hmmm and how long will that be?   (At least he didn't break out into song this time!)

In the same interview, though, Big Daddy Cain opened the door to a possible exit from the race.

"It's just the way it is, but I'm not going to allow this sort of thing to cause me to drop out simply because it's tough on me. I don't want it to be tough on my family. And there comes a point that if it's tough on my family, I have to consider that at that particular point in time," he said.

Asked whether he would drop out if the race became too tough, Big Daddy said: "I'll make that decision depending upon the circumstances and how it is impacting my wife and my family. That's my number one concern by all of these accusations."

While all of this is funny...I often wonder about the  timing of these allegations...All of these women were seemingly okay with keeping whatever went on between them and Mr. Cain a secret until he became the Republican front runner....Then the floodgates opened.. I'm just saying...Considering the Republican Party just couldn't deal with running a Black candidate against the Black man they are trying to get out of office...I don't find it far fetched that there might be a conspiracy working behind the scenes here....But that's just me....

Stranger things have happened and things aren't always as they seem....Personally ,Herman Cain just doesn't strike me as the type of guy that has that much swagger, but who knows what he may be like behind closed doors?? Coulda fooled me!


Rich said...

I'm with you, his pimp hand can't be THAT strong. This is entertaining at best. The last thing the Republicans want is another black man in the oval office to contend with. Not that I thought he had a chance to begin with, but I'm sure they are taking no chances on THEIR candidate losing the battle.

Anonymous said...

I'm back with a another Herman Cain comment!This gichy will not give up,he continues to allow himself to be looked upon as a fool!His campaign of buffoonery is over and he has not gotten the memo yet!All these women can't be lying on him about the same thing.There are a lot worse things in America,than this bama's sex life or lack there of!!!
There is nothing like an old fool
I feel bad for his family.


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