Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15 Minutes for George

George Zimmerman can't stay out of the media spotlight...It's been almost two weeks since he was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin...and here he is in the news again!! Apparently...he saved a life this time, rather than take one...Or so the media is saying...

Apparently,Zimmerman or Killerman as some of my friends call him now. and another man stopped to help the four occupants of a blue Ford Explorer that flipped on its side. The occupants were identified as Mark and Dana Gerstle of Port Orange, Fla., and their two children.

The driver, Mark Gerstle, was going northbound when he lost control, causing the vehicle to go off the road and roll over, according to the accident report.
By the time a deputy arrived, Zimmerman/Killerman and another man, whose identity wasn't released, "had already helped assist the family by getting them out of the overturned vehicle," the sheriff's office said in a statement to media outlets.

George Zimmerman didn't witness the crash and left the scene after speaking with a deputy, the sheriff's office said.

I wonder what his lawyers are thinking right now?? They'll never put in print what they are really thinking...instead they'll sugar coat it and say what a great guy George really is..."See, we told you!" they'll say...But I know they told him to keep a low profile and stay off the streets...especially with tensions high and demonstrations nationwide!!

So what is he doing out and about and in the news??? How long will it be before he gets into some more trouble???  Did he learn nothing from O.J. Simpson? Apparently only Casey Anthony learned anything and she learned it from Robert Blake.
Have you seen Casey? , Heard anything from her??? No, no really...She took a note from Actor Robert Blake who was acquitted of murdering his wife....I haven't heard a peep out of Robert Blake since his trial...

O.J. Simpson and George Zimmerman didn't study him....They can't stay out of the spotlight....O.J.'s need to be in the spotlight is why he's in a western prison now!!! George Zimmerman isn't far behind him...His need to be in the spotlight will trip him up too...

15 minutes of fame is a hell of a drug!


Sunflower said...

Yes it is!

The F_Uitlist said...

If he had any sense he'd stay his ass in the house. Or better yet leave the country.


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