Thursday, July 11, 2013

Only One Person Knows

The George Zimmerman trial is nearing an end as I write this....His defense has done a damn good job of creating reasonable doubt...with help from the prosecution I must add...One fact remains....There is only one person alive who knows what happened that night last year.

Here is what we do know: Trayvon Martin died in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26, 2012. If George Zimmerman hadn’t of been there, Trayvon would still be alive. George Zimmerman found  TrayvonMartin suspicious.

He called 911.Something he did so much that they knew the sound of his voice... "What is it George?" ,I imagine a 911 operator saying that night.

 Some type of confrontation ensued. Now beyond that, Whatever else happened is  unclear. There’s not a whole lot of  physical evidence in the case. Other than the George Zimmerman himself, there are no eyewitnesses.

George Zimmerman claims that he was attacked by Trayvon Martin, and that he shot him because he felt he was at risk of great bodily harm. We can certainly speculate as to whether or not he’s telling the truth, but can we say for sure? George Zimmerman’s the only one who was there, and none of the prosecution’s witnesses came close to conclusively refuting his story.

It would be nice if the only other person who knows what happened was here to tell his side of the story, but if that was so...we wouldn't be having this discussion would we?

 To convict George Zimmerman, the prosecutors have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. That hasn’t happened. And if the prosecution can’t prove its case, then many legal experts reason that George Zimmerman should walk.

 Many people will see this as an unsatisfying outcome; many will think it shouldn’t be this easy to kill someone, concoct an uncontradictable excuse, and get away with it. But a legally satisfying verdict cannot always be the same as a morally satisfying verdict. It would be unjust if George Zimmerman were convicted based not on the strength of the evidence against him, but rather on the public sentiment against him.
Of course I'm playing the devil's advocate here...I personally think George Zimmerman is guilty as sin of second degree murder or at least manslaughter.

I wasn't there... I have no way of knowing what actually happened.” I still don’t....and neither does anyone else.Nobody, except for George Zimmerman, really knows what happened that night. And I suspect that’ll be enough to get him off.

I wonder if his conscience will bother him? Here's hoping it does.


Eighth Wonder said...

find it amazing and sad at the same time that here in America we can ostracize a man for being cruel to a few animals even after he showed remorse and rightfully served his time in prison. People were and still to the today visibly angry and verbally outspoken,ready to hang this man from the nearest tree.
On the other hand we, or should I say some of them same people make a hero out of a Punk who killed a child because he was Black and didn't belong in his neighborhood. This same Punk that I speak of showed very little remorse if any. Where is their public outrage for a loss of life? Where is their public outrage and anger for a Punk who defied police orders and picked a fight with a child for no reason other than racial profiling.
I will tell you why there is no public outrage coming from most, not all of them because in their minds a 17 year old black child's life is expendable in AmeriKKKa, it has no value. Now I dare somebody to ask me why I am so fucking angry. Don't ask, just delete! If you believe in love, I believe in you (regardless of your color) EW

Drew said...

This isn't merely about murder. It's also about race (which, of course, why this case is covered 24/7)

Angie B. said...

To me it seems like the Prosecutors are on the the same side as the defense.

Vanessa said...

This is crazy. I havent been watching it but really wanted to.. Now I'm kinda of glad that I havent been because every damn time I see a post on fb or read your blog I get so mad!!!I took the time to go online and watch some of what I missed and damn near lost my mind!!! I can't take it and I'm not even watching "THE FIX"


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