Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mid -Term Replay??

Americans have short memories.... We are getting ready to do it again!   Americans have short memories...We are getting ready to do it again! Do you know why I wrote that twice? Because we are getting ready to do the same thing we did in the mid-term elections of 2011...

Allow Republicans to gain a majority in the House and The Senate...If you look at present day polls...

So this means that this coming November we will once again start electing Republicans into Congress. Both the House and the Senate will once again be controlled by the GOP. 

We will begin immediately to turn back the clock and everything this President built will come tumbling down. 

His last two years in office will be as if he never got elected a second time.The stupid and the greedy will once again  control our social, environmental, economic and legislative world .And the rich and powerful  like the Koch Brothers will make the world a living hell for those not born the right race, sex, or in the best of social economic conditions. This will happen my friends, because you will stay home and or find some excuse for not voting in the mid-term elections like you always do.

Mark my words..Not if, but when that happens , the world as you know it will begin to look diferent..It will begin to shift and we who call ourselves liberal and progressives will have only ourselves to blame. Because we...You and I will have let it happen. 

When  I think of some of the really dumb and stupid people who have already managed to get elected...it frightens me when I think of the fall elections and what might be coming.     Thing is..This doesn't have to happen...There is still time for those of us who call ourselves liberal and progressive to electrify the voters and get them out there...

Every election is important...even the so called little elections...Let's not have a Mid-term Replay!           

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Arlene said...

Alright, alright, alright!! we're going to have to do more than rant and write to get the word and the vote out for election day. We know that Gov. Corbett won in PA by default. Less than 12% of the electorate turned out on election day. Look what he's doing: starving our children with SNAP cuts, starving our schools with education cuts, rotting our infrastructure by failing to meet transportation needs, chopping away at collective bargaining rights.


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