Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday 7-Seven Relationship rules you might want to re-examine

Here are some long held beliefs that some people take for the truth that you uhhhh,might want to re-examine...

1.Don't Kiss on the first date-

Really? Says who? I've done it on many first dates and it didn't play a role one way or the other in how good or how bad the relationship later turned out to be.This is a rule you can definitely break! Let your feelings dictate if you kiss her or him at the end of the night or not. If you had a really great time and you’re feeling it, go for it baby!

2.The man always pays....
Ladies....if it's a first date or if he is the one who asked you out...then he should pay....but...There is always a but..But let's keep it real, Neither of you is exactly rolling in dough, so most younger guys can’t afford to always pick up the movie tickets. So plan a few dates yourself and tell him “My treat!” If you two are cool like that...

3.For the brothers- If your boy smashed...You can't!
Welllll, that depends on if it was just a one night stand, a one time thing...or nothing really serious...If they were dating for a few months and had a really bad break up...You really should move on elsewhere..

4.Ladies- Don't approach him...He'll approach you!
Did your grandmother tell you that?  This rule is super old-school. There’s no reason you shouldn’t approach a guy if you're really feeling him.... Trust me..We love it! Plus, there’s nothing sexier to a guy than confidence! Walk up to him and introduce yourself—simple, but bold. It aint gonna hurt nothin..

5.Play Hard to Get-
Uh Uhhhh...Not in this day and age...Playing Hard to get might not get you got!!!
Ladies-Guys get nervous about making a move sometimes, so they want a sign that you're into them before pursuing you. Giving a cat the cold shoulder will do nothing but push him away! Re-read my first sentence.
Simply touching his arm as you’re talking or giving him a flirty, lingering glance as you part ways  is enough to show him that you’re into him as more than just a friend....

6.Don't Mess with someone you work with-
Again-says who? Lord knows I've done it plenty of times in my young life before I got married... I did not however marry a co-worker...but I'm just saying...Even though it would make things a little awkward if it doesn’t work out, sometimes dating someone you work with is okay, especially if you really like each other. To make it work, just don’t gush—or vent—to your coworkers though about every little detail...because then things do get a little funky.

7.Wait three days before calling somebody back once you get their number...
Perhaps the stupidest of all of the dating myths...While I might not call back that night...Waiting three days is enough time for someone else to make their move and for you to become a footnote.


Toni said...

HAPPY SATURDAY TO YOU KEITH...Reading our blogs while we are having coffee.

Angie B. said...

Heyy Keith, we've told some of our other friends about your blogs...Especially Escapades and Good Foodie...We are here at Milkboy reading your blogs and drinking coffee..

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You were up at 3:00 in the morning writing blog posts? LOL, Well Why didn't you write something for Escapades??


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