Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wonder If he Went To Heaven?

I've been busy the past few days.....I just heard that Fred Phelps died!   That's him in the photo above...

The Apostle of Hate... The Apostle of Hate is dead!!!

In case you don't know who he is...(and it's no big deal if you don't....)
Rev. Fred Phelps Sr., the Westboro Baptist Church founder who was a fierce critic of the gay rights movement, died Thursday, his son Tim Phelps told Kansas First News. He was 84.

A spokesman for the Kansas-based church could not immediately be reached for comment.

Fred Phelps and the independent Baptist Church he launched were frequently involved with protests of political events, gay pride rallies and the funerals of celebrities, military figures and any other high-profile people he identified with gay, lesbian and transgender causes. His targets included film critic Roger Ebert, actor Heath Ledger, Princess Diana and even that bastion of conservatism, President Ronald Reagan.

The group's slogan, ”God hates fags,” was incorporated into its website, social media pages and the signs that Fred Phelps’ goofy followers carried. His belief that the Bible condemned homosexuality, led him to make a series of controversial statements such as when he labeled Matthew Shepard, a 21-year old Wyoming man beaten to death in 1998 because he was gay, “that little fag.”

Fred Phelps was a relentless publicity seeker; one whose quest for the limelight prompted him to seek public office four times in failed races(Thank God) for governor and U.S. Senator.

He also inspired a landmark Supreme Court decision in 2011 related to First Amendment, when the court ruled that his organization's right to free speech and to gather publicly prevented it from being sued by the families of the people whose funerals the Westboro Church protested.

So now that he's dead.... I wonder if he's in Heaven......or that other place?  Some folks are going to have the shock of their lives when they die!

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Arlene said...

Yes, we'll be pleasantly surprised to see who's standing next to us in heaven praising God. I hope he changed as he approached "the river." I think the guy's problem was that he always said he was establishing his church, never said God's church, just his own. He preached what his little mind could handle eventhough I understand the guy was a lawyer specializing in civil rights cases. His little "band" was made up of his by blood family and their relatives. Noone else heard that guy and believed he was a preacher of the Gospel! That man spewed hate. Now I hope his remaining family members can be helped.


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