Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Collateral Damage

Not all of my readers are fans....There is at least one person, who never uses his or her real name..They hide behind "anonymous" who says that my blog should be called ''Obama's Space" and that I am the mouthpeice of the present administration. I don't think I am...but..I'll consider the source. Yes , this is my second peice about the President in two days...but this issue is , well,kind of important. I pay pay taxes....It is important.

As I stated yesterday...I suspected that Democrats would not be pleased with the President's compromise and I was right , they aren't.. In fact Democrats are hopping mad with President Obama over the temporary extension of these Bush-era tax credits to the wealthy. President Obama defended the deal with the devil his administration has struck with Republicans, including extending tax cuts for all income levels, saying the concessions are necessary to avoid a tax increase for nearly all Americans at year's end.

President Obama said he would have preferred to have let the tax cuts for high income (ie- rich people) expire, and he pledged to continue to argue that Republicans are wrong in insisting that all the cuts be extended. So , you could argue why sign on to something that you know is wrong? The president has said that by allowing the Senate stalemate to continue and the tax cuts to lapse -- as some Democrats have urged -- would have resulted in a long political fight that might have helped his party but "would be a bad deal for the economy and a bad deal for the American people." In other words...a prolonged fight would have left some people without their unemployment benefits...right doing the holiday season and like it or not, your taxes would have gone up in January...The American people would have been collateral damage....President Obama wanted to avoid that.

Think about it..Seven hundred billion dollars added to an already bloated deficit is a bad deal all the way around for the American people. Extending these tax cuts from which the wealthiest portion of the country has benefited for almost a decade is bad for the American people also.

I understand why the President did what he did, but I don't like it....I don't like that he had to do it...I don't like to think that he may find himself in more situations in which he may have to compromise to keep the American people from becoming collaeral damage. Why don't you people wake up? You people who keep voting for republican candidates , you people who keep buying into all that crap about the government is involved too much in every facet of our lives!
It's smoke and mirrors...Let's just call it what it is...It's BULLSHIT!!! It's the same crap they've been saying since Ronald Reagon's so called revolution.

The Republicans are working for the wealthy....It's the wealthy who have funnelled so much cash into all of their campaigns this past fall...It's the wealthy insurance companies that are fighting health care the most...It's the wealthy that have benefited from tax cuts for nearly a decade...How do you , a poor factory worker justify voting for a party that's not representing your interests? Is it because you're really voting against the black face that sits in the White house??? Is that why you believe any old non-sense that is written about the man?? Is that why you'll vote for people that don't give a damn about you??? Smarten up!

These men will use religion, lies, protect their right to hoard everything and the majority of the american people, white, black, hispanic, asian , native american, recent , woman will continue to suffer collateral damage....For all you people who didn't bother to vote..This is what you got....Great job guys!


Arlene said...

Keith, I think this issue would have gotten the same result no matter the November election results. Eventhough Democrats have the majority until January 2011, those same Democrats are really "republicans", the "blue dogs" as they're called. Most senators are already millionaires and many congressmen make in excess of $250,000 yearly. Those elected officials took money from the "rich" to get in office and they will support the requests of those who put the money in their pockets to get elected. Yes, they needed votes but that money was spent for getting elected. Now they have to pay the piper. We don't get to call the tune, we just get to sway with the beat.

I hope as you do that people will wake up and vote. I beleive that the heart of America is good and that the majority of us care about each other.

President Obama wanted to "save" us from increased taxes. I will appreciate that 2% reduction in SS tax starting in January, however, I won't appreciate leaving my grands to pay the freight for Warren Buffett's grands who are right now enjoying the fruits of my ancestors' labor and mine.

Sean said...

Tell em why you really mad Keith-LOL You go man!

Sunflower said...

WOW...You really got angry there didn't you?

Angie B. said...

Preach Keith!

Toni said...

Great post Keith!

James Perkins said...

Once again, a very thoughtful and insightful post.

Samuel Bastion said...

Points well taken.

Mizrepresent said...

I was kind of disappointed that our President caved in, but i know why he did it and like you i just hate that he had to. This is Politics and Politics have never been fair or caring or concerned about anything but it's on agenda. I am really at a low point about where we are going, where these corrupt, disgraceful, indignant politicians are leading us, but i am faithful that in the end...we will remain strong and survive the worst of it all...i mean really...haven't we already did that. Good post Keith!


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