Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'll Be Doggone

You know...I don't watch Fox News.....And because Fox News and it's owner, Rupert "Adolph" Murdock are so decidedly right wing...I don't watch anything on the Network except the occasional broadcast of the Philadelphia Eagles Football game. I love "Family Guy", American Dad and The Simpsons...but I catch em on TBS...I just refuse to spend too much time on Fox.
Yesterday I heard that Right Wing commentator and self professed Christian, Tucker Carlson said that current Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick, should be executed "for what he did to those poor dogs."

You know....I'm about sick and tired of people bringing that up everytime they mention Mike Vick. What about Pittsburg Steelers Quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (who I like) and his questionable activities(sexual assault) with not one ,but two young ladies. Do you mean to tell me that these people are more upset over dogs than the mistreatment of two women??? Where are the feminists? They should be yelling their heads off!

Of course, Tucker Carlson said this because...Well, you can't be on Fox and favor anything President Obama favors....You just can't. This all has to do with Tucker Carlson's supposed disdain for President Barack Obama's support of the embattled quarterback, who will clearly never live down "the crimes that he committed against those poor animals", despite serving time and pretty much losing everything he had before because of it.

While Mike Vick's career and personal life are on the mend, organizations like PETA and pundits like Tucker Carlson continue to ensure that the world does not forget Michael Vick's cruelty toward animals. As animal lovers, we get it,we get it, okay??? but being against executing an animal, yet in favor of executing humans, doesn't cut it.No...I don't get THAT! You can be mad at Michael Vick for what he did -- in perpetuity if you want -- but wishing death on someone? Not to mention, Carlson says he's "a Christian and has made mistakes before. Really Tuck, Really?

It's not very Christ-like to want to kill anything or anybody for any reason. He may be one of those people who have selective morality: against abortion but for the death penalty. Tucker Carlson's antics and hateful words need no interpretation: Skewer Michael Vick, skewer Barack Obama and somehow he'll become relevant again and possibly get a national show out of it.

Maybe even on Fox! Score Rush Limbaugh -Sean Hannity Dollars!! After all...It certainly has worked for Glenn Beck!! The shame of all of this is ....It just might work.....In the words of the late Marvin Gaye..."I'll be doggone!"


Big Mark 243 said...

Daps to you Keith. The reason that I did not like Mike Vick at VaTech or as an Atlanta Falcon had to do with him never working at his craft... as the President mentioned, his rehabilitation is a good story even if it is 'so far'. You hear cheers for actors and other personalities who come out of rehab and go on to advance in their careers.

I think you hit the thumb on the nail with a hammer regarding Tucker Carlson and Fox News. Their brand of yellow journalism has been around forever, so I am like 'whatever' on that. What gets me in this incident is the whole invocation of Tucker's 'Christianity' and still being willing to go against the morality of his beliefs for Michael Vick. Doesn't that mean he is doomed to Hell himself?

I think Fox News is a joke. I rarely watch it, occasionally tuning in as if I was craning my neck to observe a grocery cart careening into a stacked display of canned food or a child throwing a tantrum. What galls me is the layers of hypocrisy that Fox News and Tucker Carlson represents. Ugh!!

Jhoni Joke said...
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