Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Streak Ends

As I write this...It's a Monday night....By the time you see this..It'll be Tuesday....and Bret Farve's streak of consecutive starts will have ended at 297. The Cal Ripken Jr. of Pro Football has nothing to be ashamed of...297 consecutive starts is a record that won't be touched for awhile....In any sport.

Maybe, just maybe...with a "fresh" quarterback, The Vikings might even have a chance of beating the visiting New York Giants on this cold winter night.Even with an extra day to heal, Favre was unable to play because of a shoulder injury he suffered in a Dec. 5 win over Buffalo.As you all probably know by now...This past Sunday...17 inches of snow ripped holes into the Metrodome in Minneapolis where the Vikings play and the game had to be postponed until tonight. They will play the game in Detroit.

Tarvaris Jackson will get the nod for the 5-7 Vikings, which are trying to keep their faint playoff hopes alive. The 41-year-old Favre had started every game since being promoted to Green Bay’s first-string offense on September 27, 1992. Favre’s starting streak was in jeopardy once in October when he suffered a foot and ankle injury in a loss to Green Bay. Favre, though, did start the following week in New England. What a soldier! I know I've clowned him in past posts because of his penchant for serial retiremant, but I have to go on the record and say that I respect the man and his acheivemant and endurance.

The snapping of this streak is yet another rough patch in Bret Favre’s 20th NFL season.Bret Favre has thrown 10 touchdowns and 18 interceptions for a Vikings team expected to contend for a Super Bowl berth.(Is this the same team that went 12-4 last year?)Bret Favre also is under NFL investigation for an alleged sexual harassment incident involving a former New York Jets media personality.

As Football seasons go..individual records and "streaks" aren't that important in the larger scheme of things. I'm sure Bret Farve would agree.

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Arlene said...

Brett hit my list of quarterback favorites when he did so well for the Packers. He's the reason that the whole team made my list of favorites many years ago. Unfortunately, Brett did not stay retired and to my mind has messed up the end of a terrific career. His records will stand but they are tarnished by his bungles on the field and bad behavior off the field. Oh Brett, just sit down!!


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