Friday, December 10, 2010

Left Turn

I left my job's holiday party last night and was driving home...I had had only one alcoholic drink and had ate as many of the little finger food items I could possibly eat...I decided to take another route home...Not that there are that many...but enough to make my 15 minute drive from my job to my home interesting some time.

Upon turning down this street , I came across a horrific accident! Actually, the accident had already occurred...There were of course several bystanders and two police cars with their lights shining the pretty red and blue colors... I thought that I had heard that the police were no longer required to show up at car accidents?

You know what they say about not wanting to look at a car wreck, but not being able to turn your head either? Yesterday, that was me...One car, was so badly damaged that there was no point in taking it anywhere but the scrap heap...There was no way this car was ever taking anybody anywhere....The other vehicle..a Pathfinder...had been hit so was up on the pavement...the entire wheel on the passenger side was was the windsheild and the driver's side rear view mirror..the front headlights were broken and the hood was bent....I don't think this vehicle was ever going to run again either..

Miraculously, both drivers appeared to be unscathed.....I don't know how they survived this crash...but they both were being seperated by two poor policeman who looked like they were fresh out of the academy and what's worse that this was the most time they'd ever spent with African -Americans in their lives. I actually felt sorry for them!

Both drivers were screaming at the top of their lungs about who's fault it was...and what was worse...the proper driving etiquette when making a left turn....Their argument focused on who had the right of way...One said it was the person who got to the corner first...the other said that it didn't was the person coming from his direction...I sure wish one of my driving instructors from AAA had of been around to settle the dispute. If we had more traffic lights with turning signals on them in the city limits there would be no need for dispute...I'm amazed that there aren't more accidents of this kind..

I didn't stand out there too long....For one thing...It was cold....very cold and another...That one drink I'd had at that party could reasonably be determined to be over the legal limit of alcohol consumption allowed by a driver....No need in me being hemmed up too....I got out of there and did my best to obey all of the traffic laws until I got home.


Arlene said...

OMG! You, driving under the influence?!? What amazes me the most is that the police came to the accident scene when no one required medical treatment. The law here now says to exchange licenses and insurance information and go about your business. We're to let the insurance companies handle fault.

And I didn't think people followed the "rules" of the road anymore. Everyone travels in the "fast lane" (the far left lane) on the highway even if their speed is 35 mph. Who stops completely at stop signs to follow the rule - car to the right goes first? These people were lucky to have police intervention. Let's hope they were both licensed, insured and not under the influence of drink or drug.

Jazzy said...

You made a wise choice good brother!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

People drive crazy this time of year!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You have not seen insane drivers until you drive on the streets of the Pittsburgh region!

Jhoni Joke said...
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