Thursday, December 16, 2010

Racism Left & Right

You know...I have screamed and hollered that Republican and Tea Party (I'm not sure if there is too much of a difference on any given day) opposition to President Obama is basically racist. A lot of why they disagree with practically everything the man says or proposes is because they dispise the fact that a Black man sits in the big seat. They brilliantly used fear , code words and phrases like "We want OUR country back" to stir racist fear , still deeply intrenched in a lot of American whites (Not ALL)and get them to vote against the President and his policies.

Yeah..I've said that...and now I'm wondering if his fellow Democrats are equally as guilty of the same thing. It is understandable that Democrats and progressives are upset with the President's compromise last week...but for one , as yet unnamed Democrat to say "F___ the President" last week was uncalled for. For another Democrat to publicly say "This President is spineless" is also pretty foul. I can't imagine any Republican ever uttering anything so publicly negative about President Bush, regardless of how much his popularity took a dip in early 2008.

Considering that noted Democrats such as Nevada's Sen. Harry Reid (famed for his "Negro dialect" comment, remember that?) and former President Bill Clinton (you'll recall his comment to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy about Barack Obama serving coffee) have made rather disrespectful comments about the president in recent times, we should not wonder much about why the level of angst and condescending tone is now rising after key Democrat losses in November and the president's much-needed compromise, particularly since Democrats do not have the votes to pass any kind of legislation without Republican cooperation.

And although the 2008 presidential primary is a distant memory, it was not that long ago that key Democratic partisans were unpleasantly surprised by a young, educated black newcomer who came onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere to steal a nomination from consensus choice Hillary Clinton and then went on to win the White House. Is it then, that much of a stretch to suggest that those lingering feelings from 2008 -- some racial, some not -- are playing a part in the disrespectful comments and rhetoric we are hearing from some Democrats today?

And why are we so willing to chalk up Democratic frustration to mere differences of opinion, even when we have evidence that suggests other factors? If Democrats are capable of having philosophical differences with President Obama, then why is it so hard to believe that Republicans can do the same without race being a factor? Why? Because I have seen them all have disagreements with former President Clinton, that didn't seem to take on such a personal tone...

This is this question that every Black person has asked themselves at sometime in their lifetime when in a conflict with a person who happens to be white...Is this about what we are talking about ?? or is this because I'm Black?? A lot of whites feel that Blacks are over sensitive about race and are too quick to pull that pesky race card....And I'll admit... a lot of Blacks are hyper sensitive about race...but on the other hand....too much black blood has run like a river in the streets and valleys of America...I can understand the average brother and sister being a little suspicious of certain situations.

If this is about ideology, then fine...but as the insults and disrespect for this man and his office grows more personal, day by day from both parties...I can't help but think that this is something else, something more..something deeper.

There has never been a black U.S. president before, and since racism knows no boundaries, maybe the underlying frustrations permeate -- and eventually rear their ugly heads on -- both sides of the aisle, even if others are unwilling to admit it out of pure indifference or plain ignorance.

If this is true, then the subtle racism or what I like to call"the New Jim Crow" is stronger than some would like to believe it could be in the 21st century, and furthermore, it can supersede even partisan politics. If this is true, it is a lesson that President Obama is going to learn the hard way in Washington.


Sean said...

You always say on this blog what I'm secretly thinking.

James Perkins said...

Wow! You pulled no punches on this post...I somehow missed this yesterday.

Samuel Bastion said...

Wow, you laid it all out there Keith..I guess you have to be fair..Call it when it's on both sides.

Brenda said...

I missed this yesterday...Very well written and my sentiments exactly!

Tate2 said...

Tell em why you really mad Keith!


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