Monday, December 12, 2011

5 Questions

1.How are you different Now?

"I guess I would say that at the age of 50 plus...I'm a lot more mellower than I was say twenty years ago..I'm not so much the smart ass that I used to be...And that's a good thing.. I've let some of the edge off."

2.What do you do for relaxation now of days?

"I used to take long walks and wind up all over the map and have no idea how I got there... Now I find that I like driving..Taking a long drive someplace.  It was probably better health wise to walk..but what can I say..I really enjoy driving..and not just my car..All kinds of cars...I rent cars for fun sometimes...Just to have the feel of driving something different."

3. You Have Money To Burn Like That?

"No ,not really...but look...Life is short...Might as well do something you enjoy....and not stress about cash...Money has no owners..only spenders....As long as I have enough to pay my bills and a little in reserve,I don't stress..."

4.In some of your posts ,you've been having a field day with Herman Cain ...Do you really dislike the man that much?"

''I don't dislike the man at all... I don't believe the things that come out of his mouth and I don't think he believes the things that come out of his mouth either.  I could have told you that the minute he started surging in the polls, (which was a complete surprise to me) that the women would start showing up out of his past...There was a different woman every week..Now that he's out of the you notice that all of these women have grown silent?  Co-Incidence?? I think not!"

5." Anything you'd like to see on the big screen over the holidays?"

  "There are no movies out that I'm interested in, but I would like to go to New York City and see that play with Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett in it. I can't think of the name of it..but Samuel L. plays Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the last night of his life and Angela Bassett plays a motel maid at the Lorraine Motel, which by the way I visited this past summer when I was in Memphis. I hear that this play is fantastic."


Toni said...

How did I miss this Keith? You post so much and so often on three different's hard to keep up!

Angie B. said...

We are drinking coffee and catching up on all of blogs on our new iPads..You should join us!


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