Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Over!

On Friday, Bishop Eddie Long's wife finally had enough....Or did she?  She announced early Friday Morning that she was terminating her marriage to the popular Bishop and head of a Mega Church in Atlanta who has been involved in several scandals involving young boys who claimed he plied them with generous gifts and money and trips in exchange for sex.

These allegations all seemed strange coming from one of the most rabid anti-gay Ministers and activists around. Yet they came...First three boys , then a fourth.  Bishop Long paid them for their silence and then a fifth boy came forward!!!!

Mrs. Long had enough...so she filed for divorce.  Before I could gather my notes and begin writing this ..She had a change of heart and decided to stick it out....When I woke up Saturday morning...She had changed her mind again...as a woman is wont to do...(I always wanted to write that phrase "As a woman is wont to do!)

The divorce papers have been filed again.

Herman Cain!  Herman. Herman,Herman, Herman, Herman!!!!  I hope this is the very last time I have to write about you..

Herman "Big Daddy " Cain has "suspended" his campaign....His wife told him that she just can't take the intense scrutiny and the allegations any longer. So....thus ends one of the most entertaining republican campaigns of the year...

Perhaps the ladies will all return to their closets or where ever they had been hanging out before the campaign started...The money has been paid for their services quietly and someone somewhere is being congratulated for a job well done.....

I know...It's the conspiracy theorist in me....but one thing is for sure....As for the public careers of these two men there is but two words to describe it.... It's Over!

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Anonymous said...

Enough of these normal high profiled people doing disrespectful things to themselves and causing shame to their loved ones with their hypocritical values and deeds, let's get back to the real world ,a lot of people need that tax brake from congress and more jobs for the unemployed ,tax the wealthy and bring back the middle class values that made America a great place to live in!


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