Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Alec Baldwin's Faux Paux

You know...The news in this country is getting goofier by day...As the above Saturday Night Skit shows. By now, unless you were living under a rock (or wished you were),you've no doubt heard about Alec Baldwin's rowdy dow on an American Airlines Flight last week.

He was sitting in First Class playing on his IPAD..They asked him as they ask everybody to simply turn all electronic instruments off until the plane is up in the air and at cruising altitude...A simple request.

Alec Baldwin instead chose to act like a spoiled celebrity and refuse to turn his ipad off..Not only that, he got up and slammed the door so hard that the flight crew heard it.

He was then not only asked, but put off of the plane. This somehow became a media sensation that has been talked about ad nauseum for days now...(Which is why I'm writing about it now I suppose!)

He tweeted his side of the story and then a few days ago, went on Saturday Night Live and parodied the entire event. American Airlines is not laughing though..Apparently they want to play tit for tat and have decided to pull all of the episodes of Alec's sitcom "30 Rock" off of it's flights! That'll show him!

To be sure there is childishness on both sides of this story...I actually wonder why American Airlines even cares what he says or parodies...They put him off the plane..story over. He acted like a boorish ,spoiled celebrity for his part...These people were just doing their jobs...His behavior wasn't and isn't funny..Not to me and their small mindedness and pettyness in trying to pull his show off of heir flights is just as childish...

Like I always say...I can't make this stuff up...Maybe I'll make that into a recurring column next year.

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Brenda said...

Alec Baldwin is only funny to himself!


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