Thursday, July 29, 2010

Greatest Show On Turf (T.O. Meets C.O.)

I haven't written a sports post in a minute. I've been busy defending all that is holy against Tea Baggers and Silly Knee-Grows. For those of you who have followed this blog since it's inception, you probably know that my very first post was a sports post and it was about football. (That's the answer to a trivia question sometime in the near future.) I know I was writing about the Eagles and I believe Terrell Owens was still on the team and about to be traded at the time.

Since that post, Terrell Owens has played for the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffallo Bills... the poor guy can't seem to find a home. Before he came to the Eagles, He had made stops in San-Francisco and Baltimore. He's burned all of his bridges in just about all of these towns. It's a shame because self-centeredness, self-absorption, and narcissim aside, the guy can still play.

The 36 year old receiver agreed to a one-year, $2 million deal on Tuesday, uniting him with close friend Chad Ochocinco. Chad is another talented self-centered, self-absorbed, narcisstic wide-receiver. Can two prima donnas exist on one team? Isn't there only room for one diva?

The two reality show TV stars are expected to be together on the field for the first time this evening (by the time most of you will be reading this), when the Bengals hold their second practice of training camp. Terrell Owens is on his way and is expected to arrive in camp later today. When asked whether there's a concern that Terrell Owens could disrupt the team as he has been known to do (in San-Francisco, Philadelphia, and Dallas), receiver Andre Caldwell said that if Chad Ochocinco hasn't been able to do it, then Owens won't be able to either. (How about Pacman? He's on the roster too!)

Uhhhh, okay... we will see. One thing I will say, win or lose, the Cincinatti Bengals will be nothing if not entertaining next season.


James Perkins said...

You are right about that, They will be entertaining.

Tate 2 said...

They need to combine their reality shows! lol!

Sean said...

While they may be entertaining,I don't expect them to win anymore than they did the previous season.

Swaggie said...

I'm actually looking forward to seeing that combonation!

Simon Bastion said...

I'm just starting to get interested in American Football..
The players and the pomp surrounding it ,is very intriguing.

Jazzy said...

I think the Bengals are not only going to entertaining, but very competitive! Both are great receivers!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Go Falcons! LOL! What Can I say, I'm from the ATL..

DBH said...

Greatest Show on Turf is right!LOL!

dve said...

I got my popcorn ready!


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