Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Democratic Light

Now days, when I listen to John McCain or Sarah Palin speak, I often wonder who is the Democratic candidate and who is the Republican candidate? Both of them are talking about changing the way things are done in Washington, DC. Really? Wasn't Barack Obama saying that through most of the campaign? What gives?

When Sarah Palin says (as she did yesterday) that deregulation is the cause of our present financial collapse and that if elected, SHE is going to change the way things are done. Getting ahead of yourself missy...YOU are going to change something? I have to ask myself... just what does she and John McCain plan to change? It is the sitting president and his administration of THEIR party that they are talking about changing?

If Barack Obama positions himself as the outsider who wants to bring change to Capital Hill, I can at least understand it... he's a junior senator and he's from the party that is not presently in power. But, McCain and Palin are from the party that IS in power, the party that IS responsible for this mess that we presently find ourselves in. So, who are they? Are McCain and Palin true Republicans? Are they Independents? Are they really diet Democrats? They can't run on the record of this past administration.

McCain knows that America is in a mess... he and Palin both know people are hurting and that thinking people can't possibly want any more of this. Understanding that, McCain and Palin have to separate themselves from their own party... they have to try to sell snake oil to the people once again and appear more Democratic than the Democrats. Prop Joe and Stringer Bell of "The Wire" would be proud of this effort.

Bill Clinton sold the public a little "Republican Light" during his administration when he was in trouble in the polls. The difference is, he was already in the White House and he did it just enough for it not to be too painful to his voting base. He was a very smart politician... smarter than these two. If McCain and Palin can pull this off, it will only be because they are smarter than the people who fall for this and vote for them and that is not only an insult to the American people, but a frightening state of affairs to boot!

Footnote: I got the campaign button in a recent email.


Don said...

Sometimes I wish the GOP party would simply come out and tell everyone that We Are Only For The Well Doers. I think that known revelation will make a difference in how many Americans view Republicans. Yes, they know the country and economy is in bad shape. I think that's why they try even harder to look out for their own people. They don't care about what others experience, it appears.

Love the image.

The F$%K it List said...

I will be stealing this button btw!

I am so over Palin and McCain, they are such twirling dervishes when if comes to just about everything. It is their party that continues to drag this country further and further into the hole.

As for Barack he is going to have to really take the last week and show its a Republican blunder that has basically crashed the stock market. Bush was the President that took away regulatory power and allowed these banks to run wild. I am going to blog about it later so let me get down off my soap box.

12kyle said...

I tip my hat to you for even listening to pale-lynn and mcshame. I just can't do it. The lies and double talk is just too much for me

LadyLee said...

Good post... seems like the Repubs are going to do anything to get in office, that's including snatching Obama's "Change" message.

Great button!


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