Monday, September 13, 2010

(Hopefully) Not Every Given Sunday

The Maverick of All Bloggers did not have a good first Sunday of football. When The Cincinatti Bengals lost to the Patriots, that should have been an omen. Then, the Philadelphia Eagles... My Philadelphia Eagles... lost what started out to be a rout, but turned into an interesting game to the Green Bay Packers on the anniversary of a championship win against them that occurred when I was about two years old and too young to remember or care. I'll try to forget about today's game too, if I can. It was a bonanza for the sports doctors, for sure.

Coach Andy Reid’s postgame news conference following his team’s 27-20 loss to the Packers read like a medical school lecture. The number of starters who went down Sunday with devastating injuries seemed like it would never end.

All-Pro fullback Leonard Weaver suffered what Andy Reid described as a probable ACL tear in his left knee... a gruesome looking injury that left the popular playmaker in tears and in obvious pain as he was helped off the field in the first half.

Making matters worse on offense, Philly center Jamaal Jackson left the game in the second quarter with a right elbow injury. Reid said the Eagles medical staff believes Jackson sustained a torn biceps, ruining the center’s comeback after he tore a left knee ligament at the end of last season.

Starting quarterback Kevin Kolb was shaken up in the second quarter after injuring his jaw and eventually gave way to backup Michael Vick, who completed 16 of 24 passes for 175 yards and a touchdown... a 17-yard scoring pass to wide receiver Jeremy Maclin with 10:23 remaining.

Mike Vick saved the game. Well, he saved our face. He took us from 20-3 to 27-20, but it just wasn't enough. Plus, bad clock management by Coach Reid in the waning five minutes and an incredibly bad call on the last play, pretty much sunk it for the Eagles.

It's just one game... there are fifteen more. Hopefully, every Sunday won't be like this one. That's what I'll tell myself. And besides, the Phillies won!

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Arlene said...

Cousin, any time the talk about a team is who the coach is, how long he's been with the team and his accomplishments, you know the players are unremarkable! Since the spring all we've heard about is Andy Reid this and Andy Reid that. Who suited up to play this game?? Andy did not bend over once for the count or catch and run with a single ball. The Eagles are in trouble this year (and probably for the next 4 years.) If we win 6 games I'll be pleased. And I'll be limiting my "we" when it comes to certain games. week I'm with the Lions!!


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