Monday, September 20, 2010

The Michael Vick Show

I'm a big Michael Vick supporter. I wrote on this blog that people should give the guy a break after he served his time for being involved in the dog fighting ring. I gave big props to the Philadelphia Eagles when they took the courageous leap of faith and signed him and he has not shaken my faith in him one bit. Last Sunday and today, he bolstered my argument that he should be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid has said that he is going to stay loyal to Kevin Kolb and so that's the way it's going to be. He's not likely to be swayed by me or the majority of the fans in Philadelphia and everywhere else in the free world.

However, he should be swayed by what happened yesterday on the field. The electrifying Michael Vick was 21 of 34 for 284 yards with two touchdowns, ran for 37 yards, and avoided losses with spin moves and slick steps. He was as slick as canned grease. Michael Vick started at quarterback for the first time since the end of the 2006 season, when he was ironically playing for Atlanta against Philadelphia. He missed two seasons while serving an 18-month sentence for his role in a dogfighting operation and played sparingly last year. Okay, we know all of that... here is what else happened (just in case you didn't see the game)...

LeSean "Shady" McCoy gave the Philadelphia Eagles an 18-point lead with his third score with 6:17 left Sunday. The Detroit Lions rallied to pull within three points and recovered an onside kick with 1:50 left, but turned the ball over on downs without gaining a yard. Everybody in Philadelphia was on the verge of cardiac arrest at this point... but the "Birds", as we call the Eagles here, held on to win it 35-32.

Because our offensive line still young and still inexperienced, it is good to have an elusive quarterback like Vick who can get in the wind when he has to and still make the play while he's on the move. It kinda reminds me of another Quarterback with the number 5, who used to be able to do that. A mobile stand in the pocket quarterback like Kolb is going to get killed with an offensive line like the one we have right now, unless they seriously get themsleves together and soon. Vick keeps the defense of other teams honest and confused. They know if they bring the house and he slips by one man, he's gone! With his incredible speed, he's dangerous in the open field. He thinks well on his feet... no pun intended.

That's the whole argument for why Michael Vick needs to be the man in Philly right now. If you want a punchers chance at winning more games, that's not an argument Andy Reid is listening to. I'm not downing the man... he's the most successful coach we've had in this town since Dick Vermeil. Maybe in a few weeks, I'll write a post about how well Kevin Kolb is progressing in a few weeks because it remains to be seen.

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Arlene said...

This is part of the reason I'm so tired today. I had to run between floors yesterday to watch the game! I had the grandchild who is not yet a fan, so while we played downstairs making letters and tracing them I had to run back and forth upstairs to watch. It was a good game. Really exciting in the last 6 minutes. You quoted the stats and Mike and the team WON!

I'm still giving them just 6 wins this season. I had included this win in my number. Andy's the coach. Unforntunately it's not you or Tam. The two of you would have Mike as the lead QB. Tammy wanted Donavan gone 2 seasons ago.

Tonight I'm going to just relax and see "who dat think they gonna beat my Saints?" Not no 49ers!! (Now to the classroom to teach standard American English!! LOL!) Have a great day cousin.


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