Thursday, September 30, 2010

iPad, Therefore, I Kindle

I don't have an iPad yet or a Kindle. My daughter recently bought a Kindle and I haven't talked to her to see how she likes it or if she's even using it. What, with her hectic life? Work, gym, and raising two children. A lot of my friends are still reading books the traditional way, as am I... but I'm always interested in new technology. I was reading up on both of them today and here are some things I found out...

According to writer Suzzanne Choney, "Owners of Apple's iPad tend to "skew younger and more male," while those who have Amazon's Kindle e-reader "tend to be wealthier" and more educated, according to a new study from The Nielsen Co. Hmmm, since I'm neither young nor wealthy, I wonder where that puts me? Ironically enough, I think the Kindle tends to be a little cheaper than the iPad. Surprisingly, I have yet to see an actual Kindle, while some of my younger and female co-workers have iPads. I've seen that in action and it's amazing. So, check this out...

According to what I read, Kindle owners "tend to be wealthier," with 44% of them making "more than $80,000/year, as compared to 39% of iPad owners and 37% of iPhone owners. They also tend to have more education: 27% of Kindle owners have Master’s degrees or Doctorates." Is that right? They are probably wealthier because it's cheaper.

iPad owners are supposedly more receptive to advertising on their touchscreen tablets than say, the owners of the other devices. Thirty-nine percent of iPad owners say ads on their connected devices are (get this) "new and interesting", as compared to 19% of all connected device owners. And, 46% say they "enjoy ads with interactive features compared to 27% of all connected device owners." I could care less. I really just want to be able to blog and Facebook while on the move. This might make me go back to riding the train to work instead of driving.

Anyway, Nielsen noted... "Perhaps most important to advertisers, iPad owners are also the most likely to have made a purchase as a result of seeing an ad on their connected device."I saw both ads on television myself.

The least expensive model of the iPad is $499.00 for a Wi-Fi only version. The latest version of the Kindle, also Wi-Fi only, costs $139.00 I figure if I wait around another five or ten years, the price on both will have dropped and maybe I'll be the first in my neighborhood to own both. Stay tuned...

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Arlene said...

Keith, I was considering getting a Kindle for the grandkids for Christmas. Several books can be read simultaneously. And I've read that the technology encourages reading. Right now the grandson is into science fiction and the granddaughter loves anything in print. For the littlest one I had considered the iPad because of the creative aspects of the technology. but I'm not paying $500 for a "toy." Thanks for the inforamtion and food for thought.

P.S. I will check Amazon for used technology. If the "price is right, the deal will be real."


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